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Power Prism: Unearthly (100) material, the Power Prismhas bonded to Joe Ledger's hand.

This gives
Spectrum Unearthly (100) ability to generate and spontaneously shape light energy of from every part of his
body. Power stunts include:
Force Field: Unearthly (100) protection vs. all attacks
Energy Burst: up to Unearthly (100) Energy or Force damage to targets up to 10 areas away. He can also
damage everything in 2 areas with Unearthly (100) damage (-1Cs. damage for each area thereafter). Those
touching the Prismtake MN (75) energy damage (turning ordinary
humans to ash).
Self-Sustenance: Dr. Spectrum can use the Prismto allow him to
withstand the depths of the ocean or the vacuum of space.
Prismatic Power: Spectrum can carry an Unearthly (100) load, act as a
limb of Unearthly (100) strength, or duplicate Unearthly (100) strength
feats. He can also create objects of Unearthly (100) weight.
Flight: Excellent (20) to Unearthly (100) airspeed in the atmosphere and
Class 1000 in outer space.
Machine Animation: UN (100) ability to control even unpowered
devices. He can use this to tap into radio and satellite messages across the
Illusion Casting: Those who look through the Power Prismwill see
things as they wish to see them, though not as they actually are.
Electromagnetic Scanning: The ring has a wide range of detection abilities. If it can be conceived it can
probably be detected. Most normal electromagnetic phenomena are within the range of the ring, including
Radio, Television, Infrared, Ultraviolet, and high frequency band communications at Unearthly (100) levels.
Universal Translator: The ring allows the wearer to communicate with anyone, no matter what language is
spoken at UN (100) rank. The ring allowed for translation as long as the medium for communication was able to
be duplicated by the ring, and that a White Lantern was aware that communication was being attempted.
Energy Sheath: This life sustaining aura protects him from harm. The Prismgenerates an Amazing (50) field
of life sustaining atmosphere and protection from harmful radiation, even if a Spectrum is unconscious.
Phasing: The ring allows its wearer to pass through solid objects. Which objects not penetrable are not known,
but it may depend upon the strength of the wearer's will to live and the density of the object's molecular
structure. The wielder can pass through the fourth dimensional gap or dissemble the wearer and its own
molecular structure with Unearthly (100) ability.
Body Armor: TY (6) protection vs. Physical and Energy
Talents: Military, Guns, Marksmanship, Martial Arts A, Weapon Specialist: Power Prism.