Guidelines for Steering Wheel 1 / 1 2013-12-18
Steering Wheels in Formula SAE - Cars

In the rules for 2014 the following is obligatory.

T6.5 Steering

T6.5.4 The steering wheel must be attached to the column with a quick disconnect. The
driver must be able to operate the quick disconnect while in the normal driving
position with gloves on

T6.5.5 The steering wheel must have a continuous perimeter that is near circular or near
oval, i.e. the outer perimeter profile can have some straight sections, but no
concave sections. “H”, “Figure 8”, or cutout wheels are not allowed.

Figure 1 Example of shapes of steering wheel.

T3.12 Front Hoop

T3.12.4 The top-most surface of the Front Hoop must be no lower than the top of the
steering wheel in any angular position.

T3.12.5 The Front Hoop must be no more than 250 mms (9.8 inches) forward of the steering
wheel. This distance shall be measured horizontally, on the vehicle centreline in
front direction, from the rear surface of the Front Hoop to the forward most surface
of the steering wheel rim with the steering in the straight-ahead position.

Figure 2 Position of the steering wheel.

max. 250mm
Steering Wheel


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