GUI Form Example Descriptions

This project contains three visual forms that were designed with the IDE's
GUI Builder. You can open these forms in the IDE, and you can view accompanying
demos that show you how those forms can be created in the IDE.
To open an example form in the GUI Builder:
1) In the IDE's Projects window, navigate to the examples package node within th
Source Packages directory.
2) Double-click the node of the sample form you want to view.
The IDE launches the GUI Builder and displays the chosen form.
Contact Editor
This complex form is similar to Windows dialogs typically used to display and
edit database information. The example illustrates the full range of GUI Builder

features, including alignment, anchoring, sizing, indentation, and runtime
auto-resizing behavior. To view a detailed tutorial including flash
demonstrations showing how to build this form, copy and paste the following link

into your web browser
Antenna Preferences
This example illustrates a type of table-based form commonly used to display
related information in visually coherent groups. The GUI Builder's advanced
alignment features enable you to group and size non-adjacent components (such as

labels, text fields, and buttons) consistently without the need to merge cells
This simple form illustrates a straight-forward layout often used in various
applications requiring basic search functionality. The GUI Builder's alignment
and sizing features enable you to quickly construct such forms while ensuring
that they localize predictably.

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