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may16.2014 bHouse approves strengthening socialized housing program

may16.2014 bHouse approves strengthening socialized housing program

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House approves strengthening socialized housing program
House approves strengthening socialized housing program

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Published by: pribhor2 on May 19, 2014
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House approves strengthening socialized housing program

The House of Representatives has passed on third and final reading a bill requiring
the participation of owners and developers of condominium projects in the government’s
socialized housing program.
House Bill 4!" to be #nown as the Balanced Housing $evelopment %rogram
&mendments &ct" see#s to amend Republic &ct '(')" which provides for a
comprehensive and continuing *rban $evelopment and Housing %rogram.
The measure shall include the owners and developers of condominium projects
among those mandated to contribute to the production of socialized housing.
Rep. &lfredo Benitez +,
$istrict" -egros .ccidental/" one of the authors of the bill"
said the bill elicits the participation of condominium owners and developers to accelerate
the provision of affordable socialized housing nationwide and provide the underprivileged
and homeless 0ilipinos the opportunit1 to own a house.
2The measure requires owners and developers of condominium projects to develop
an area for socialized housing equivalent to at least 34 of the total condominium area"5
Benitez said.
2&lso" the measure amends R& '(') b1 reducing the required percentage of
socialized housing to be produced b1 the owners and developers of subdivision projects
from (64 to at least 34 of the total subdivision area"5 added Benitez" 7hairman of the
House 7ommittee on Housing and *rban $evelopment.
.wners and developers of proposed socialized subdivision projects and proposed
socialized condominium projects shall be e8empted from the said requirements" Benitez
*nder the measure" developers can engage in a joint9venture project with another
private developer" both whom shall be solitaril1 liable in the production of the socialized
housing in compliance with the balanced housing requirement" regardless of the
provisions of their joint9venture agreement.
The measure mandates the Housing and *rban $evelopment 7oordinating 7ouncil
+H*$77/ and the -ational :conomic and $evelopment &uthorit1 +-:$&/ to jointl1
determine and set separate socialized housing price ceilings for socialized subdivision and
socialized condominium projects to be reviewed and revised ever1 three 1ears to conform
to prevailing economic conditions.
NR # 3468B
MAY 16, 2014
The measure mandates the H*$77 and the -:$& to review and adjust the
required percentage of compliance for both subdivision and condominium projects not
later than the end of the fifth 1ear from the effectivit1 of the measure and ever1 five 1ears
thereafter" provided that legislation b1 an &ct of 7ongress shall be resorted to if the
adjustment sought is less than the minimum percentage of compliance set forth in the
The measure includes the development of educational facilities in an e8isting
socialized housing area or within the projects or within cities or municipalities as an
alternative compliance.
&lso" the measure prohibits approval of subdivision or condominium plan b1 an1
local government unit or government agencies unless accompanied b1 a written
underta#ing" made under oath b1 the owner;developer" setting forth in detail the manner in
which compliance is proposed.
The Housing and <and *se Regulator1 Board +H<*RB/ is hereb1 mandated to
submit to 7ongress an annual report on the compliance b1 the owners and or developers
of subdivision and condominium projects.
The bill imposes a fine of not more than %6 million for the first offense and
cancellation of license to do business for the second offense.
House Bill 4! is in substitution of House Bills =)" 4=4 and (3'! sponsored b1
Reps. &mado Bagatsing +3
$istrict" >anila/" <ani >ercado9Revilla +(
$istrict" 7avite/"
and ?barra @utierrez ??? +%art1 <ist" &AB&B&-/" respectivel1.
The co9authors of the bill are Reps. Calden Bello +%art1 <ist" &AB&B&-/" Rodel
Batocabe +%art1 <ist" &A. B?7.</" Davier Eesus Romualdo +<one $istrict" 7amiguin/"
Euan Eohnn1 Revilla +%art1 <ist" .0C/" >a8imo Rodriguez" Er. +%art1 <ist" &B&-T:
>?-$&-&./" 0rancisco &shle1 &cedillo +%art1 <ist" >&@$&<./" Eose Tejada +,
$istrict" -orth 7otabato/" Aa#a Bag9ao +<one $istrict" $inagat ?slands/" <aurence <emuel
0ortun +
$istrict" &gusan $el -orte/" %ablo ??? Roces -ava +%art1 <ist" &%%:-$/" <eah
%aquiz +%art1 <ist" &ng -ars/" :dgardo >asongsong +%art1 <ist" 7&R:/" Ra1mond
$emocrito >endoza +%art1 <ist" T*7%/" <eopoldo Bataoil +(
$istrict" %angasinan/" >a.
<ourdes &costa9&lba +
$istrict" Bu#idnon/" 0erdinand Hernandez +(
$istrict" Fouth
7otabato/" @ar1 &lejano +%art1 <ist" >&@$&<./ and Eulieta 7ortuna +%art1 <ist" &
T:&7H:R/. +,6/ jsc

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