E-medical records of all patients pushed

Lawmakers have proposed to make available electronic medical records of all
patients of hospitals and clinics to provide easy access to medical records.
Rep. Diosdado Macapagal Arroyo (2nd District, amarines !"r# and his mother,
Rep. $loria Macapagal%Arroyo (2nd District, &ampanga# filed 'o"se (ill 2)*+ to save
time, money and effort.
,-btaining vital patient medical information especially in emergency cases can help
avoid "nnecessary loss of lives,. Arroyo said.
/he bill also seeks the establishment of the 0lectronic Medical Record enter to be
placed "nder the -ffice of the !ecretary of the Department of 'ealth (Do'#.
0lectronic medical records, as defined "nder the bill, refer to the medical
backgro"nd and history of medical service provider1s patients and s"ch other information
to be designed and developed by the record center
Medical service providers, on the other hand, refer to all medical practitioners,
hospitals, clinics, centers and other similar instit"tions that provide medical care service
and assistance as defined "nder the meas"re.

Arroyo said the record center sho"ld serve as a h"b of all databanks of medical
records and other pertinent information significant to the patient1s medical history.
2nder the proposal, the record center shall generate speciali3ed software to be
distrib"ted and "sed as the standard platform for the maintenance, "pdating, "ploading and
making available electronic medical records.
4n order to ass"re the privacy of all medical records, electronic comm"nications and
transactions electronic medical records system shall "se the e5isting 62)%bit encryption or
higher form of !ec"re !ocket Layer (!!L# technology, which may be devised in the
/he bill a"thori3es the appropriation of &6* million for the initial operations of the
0lectronic Medical Records enter as an attached agency of the Do' and thereafter, s"ch
amo"nt needed to implement this Act shall be incl"ded in the Ann"al Appropriations Act
of the Department. (7*# mvip
NR # 3470
MAY 18, 2014

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