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Passing Ball Handling Drills

Passing Ball Handling Drills

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excellent fundamental drills for your team
excellent fundamental drills for your team

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Published by: kthale23 on Nov 13, 2009
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Pass Masters Challenge

It's a 5 on 5 half court drill with one major rule NO DRIBBLING! => Because it forces your kids to make hard, aggressive cuts and move without the ball to get open => Because it limits one on one play and encourages teamwork => Because it makes your kids be patient in the offense and wait for a high percentage shot by passing inside • Will encourage hard defensive play because the offense cannot dribble

SCORING: 1 point for every 5 passes 1 point for a pass to the post 2 points for a basket 1 point for a defensive stop Start by playing “games” to 3 – then 5, then 10 LATER: add 1-2 points for box out 1-2 points for rebounds

For Control Dribble – ADD step back cross-over move

Ball Handling Drill: DRIBBLE ATTACK
At the half court circle place the first 5 or 6 players, each with a ball, they start to dribble within the circle trying to maintain their dribble while attacking the other players within the circle trying to knock their ball away. If a player loses his dribble/stops his dribble or is out of the circle, he then leaves the circle and passes to the next player in line (2nd option – see below). This teaches them to keep their heads up, use their peripheral vision, protect the ball and maintain their control upon contact, switch hands and keep calm upon pressure. As players are knocked out – they join other coach’s dribbling drills

Other players are working on stationary ball handling with 2nd coach, dribble perimeters, zig-zag dribbling with defense or full court dribbling with lay-ups

Ball Handling Drill: 1 ON 2
Divide the court in half lengthwise. Make up groups of three players to do the drill. Have two groups going at a time. One on each each half of the court. Give a ball to each group. One player on each group is on offense and the other two are on defense. The offensive player must reach the other end of the floor, trying to beat both defenders. If a steal or deflection occurs, the offensive player gets the ball back at that spot. When a group reaches half court – next group starts. When groups reach end line, jog it back.

Ball Handling Drill #4: CATERPILLAR DRIBBLE WEAVE As the line jogs around the outside of the court, the ball at the front is passed back over the heads of the players, and the ball at the back is dribbled forward through the line, weaving between the players. As the ball reaches the back, it is dribbled forwards, when the ball reaches the front, it is passed back over heads.

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