Hnw tn bc succcssfu! In !

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-·,,·-v· --·|·
ln the |lght of the G|orlous Ourûn and the (
) Sunnah
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5hcIkh Muhammcd 5a!Ih A!-MunajjId
Is!amic Prnpagatinn OIIicc in Rabwah, Riyadh
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Is!am at Ynur Fingcrtips

Hnw tn bc succcssfu! In !Ifc
Hnw tn nbtaIn succcss and µrnsµcrItv In thIs wnr!d and hcrcaftcr? What
kInd nf succcss nr µrnsµcrItv that Is!am wants thc Ummah Is!am gaIn In
thIs wnr!d?
Iiaise le lo AIIah.
Ieace of nind, conlenlnenl, happiness and fieedon fion voiiies and
anxielv. lhese aie vhal eveivone vanls, and lhese aie lhe vavs in vhich
peopIe can have a good Iife and find conpIele happiness and jov. Theie aie
ieIigious neans of achieving lhal, and naluiaI and piaclicaI neans, lul no one
can conline aII of lhen excepl lhe leIieveis: aIlhough olhei peopIe nav
achieve sone of lhen, lhev viII niss oul on olheis.
Theie foIIovs a sunnaiv of lhe neans of achieving lhis ain foi vhich
eveivone is sliiving. In sone cases, lhose vho achieve nanv of lhen viII Iive
a jovfuI Iife and a good Iife: in olhei cases, lhose vho faiI lo achieve aII of
lhen viII Iive a Iife of niseiv and haidship. And lheie aie olheis vhich aie in
lelveen, accoiding lo vhal lhe neans he is alIe lo allain. These neans
incIude lhe foIIoving:
1 - FaIth and rIghtcnus dccds:
This is lhe giealesl and nosl fundanenlaI of neans. AIIah savs (inleipielalion
of lhe neaning):
´lncctcr ucr|s rign|ccusncss unc|ncr na|c cr fcna|c uni|c nc (cr snc) is a
|ruc oc|ictcr (cf |s|anic Mcnc|ncisn) tcri|u. |c nin lc ui|| gitc a gccd |ifc (in |nis
ucr|d ui|n rcspcc|. ccn|cn|ncn| and |aufu| prctisicn). and lc sna|| pau |ncn
ccr|ain|u a rcuard in prcpcr|icn |c |nc ocs| cf una| |ncu uscd |c dc (i.c. Paradisc in
|nc Hcrcaf|cr)¨ (Quran. 16.97)
AIIah leIIs us and pionises us lhal vhoevei conlines failh vilh iighleous
deeds viII have a good Iife and a good ievaid in lhis voiId and in lhe

The ieason foi lhal is cIeai: lhose vho leIieve in AIIah - vilh sinceie failh lhal
nolivales lhen lo do iighleous deeds lhal change heails and alliludes and
guides lhen lo lhe sliaighl palh in lhis voiId and lhe Heieaflei - foIIov
piincipIes and guideIines lv neans of vhich lhev deaI vilh eveivlhing lhal
happens lo lhen, le il lhe causes of happiness and excilenenl oi lhe causes of
anxielv, voiiv and giief.
Thev deaI vilh lhe lhings lhal lhev Iike lv accepling lhen and giving lhanks
foi lhen, and using lhen in good vavs. When lhev deaI vilh lhen in lhis
nannei, lhal cieales in lhen a sense of excilenenl and lhe hope lhal il viII
conlinue and lhal lhev viII le ievaided foi lheii gialilude, vhich is noie
inpoilanl lhan lhe good lhings lhal happen lo lhen. And lhev deaI vilh lad
lhings, voiiies and disliess lv iesisling lhose lhal lhev can iesisl, aIIevialing
lhose lhal lhev can aIIeviale, and leaiing vilh goodIv palience lhose lhal lhev
cannol avoid. Thus as a iesuIl of lhe lad lhings lhev gain a Iol of lenefils,
expeiience, slienglh, palience and hope of ievaid, vhich aie noie inpoilanl
and vhich dininish lhe haidships lhev have undeigone and iepIace lhen
vilh happiness and hope foi lhe lounlv and ievaid of AIIah. The Iiophel
(peace and lIessings of AIIah le upon hin) expiessed lhis in a saheeh hadeelh
in vhich he said: ¨Hov vondeifuI is lhe silualion of lhe leIievei, foi aII his
affaiis aie good. If sonelhing good happens lo hin, he gives lhanks foi il and
lhal is good foi hin: if sonelhing lad happens lo hin, he leais il vilh
palience, and lhal is good foi hin. This does nol appIv lo anvone lul lhe
leIievei.¨ (Naiialed lv MusIin, no. 2999).
The Iiophel (peace and lIessings of AIIah le upon hin) loId us lhal lhe
leIievei is aIvavs gaining and lhe ievaid foi his deeds is aIvavs nuIlipIving,
no nallei vhal happens lo hin, good oi lad.
2 - BcIng kInd tn µcnµ!c In wnrd and dccd, and a!! kInds nf dnIng gnnd.
This is one of lhe neans of ienoving voiiv, disliess and anxielv. ßv lhis
neans AIIah vaids off voiiies and disliess fion iighleous and innoiaI Iike,
lul lhe leIievei has lhe giealei shaie of lhal, and is dislinguished lv lhe facl
lhal his kindness lo olheis slens fion sinceiilv and lhe hope of ievaid, so
AIIah nakes il easv foi hin lo le kind lo olheis lecause of lhe hope lhal lhis
viII liing good lhings and vaid off lad lhings, lv neans of his sinceiilv and
hope of ievaid. AIIah savs (inleipielalion of lhe neaning):
´Tncrc is nc gccd in ncs| cf |ncir sccrc| |a||s satc (in) nin unc crdcrs Sadauan
(cnari|u in A||an's Causc). cr Ma´rccf (|s|anic Mcnc|ncisn and a|| |nc gccd and
rign|ccus dccds unicn A||an nas crdaincd). cr ccnci|ia|icn oc|uccn nan|ind. and nc
unc dccs |nis. scc|ing |nc gccd P|casurc cf A||an. lc sna|| gitc nin a grca| rcuard¨
(Quran. 4.114)
Iail of lhal gieal ievaid is ieIief fion voiiv, disliess, lioulIes, elc.

3 - Annthcr nf thc mcans nf wardIng nff anxIctv that stcms frnm ncrvnus
tcnsInn and bcIng µrcnccuµIcd wIth dIsturbIng thnughts Is tn nccuµv
nncsc!f wIth gnnd dccds nr scckIng bcncfIcIa! knnw!cdgc, foi lhal viII
disliacl one fion dveIIing on lhe nalleis lhal aie causing anxielv. In lhis vav
a peison nav foigel aloul lhe lhings lhal aie naking hin voiiied and
disliessed, and he nav lecone happv and noie eneigelic. This is anolhei
neans lhal leIieveis and olheis have in connon, lul lhe leIievei is
dislinguished lv his failh, sinceiilv and hope of ievaid vhen he occupies
hinseIf vilh lhal knovIedge vhich he is Ieaining oi leaching, oi vilh lhe
good deeds lhal he is doing.
The voik vilh vhich he occupies hinseIf shouId le sonelhing lhal he Iikes
and enjovs, foi lhal is noie IikeIv lo pioduce lhe desiied iesuIls. And AIIah
knovs lesl.
4 - Annthcr thIng that mav ward nff wnrrv and anxIctv Is fncusIng a!! nnc's
thnughts nf thc µrcscnt dav, and nnt wnrrvIng abnut thc futurc nr grIcvIng
abnut thc µast. Hence lhe Iiophel (peace and lIessings of AIIah le upon hin)
soughl iefuge vilh AIIah fion voiiv and iegiel, fion iegiel foi lhings in lhe
pasl vhich one cannol pul iighl oi change, and voiiv vhich nav cone
lecause of feai foi lhe fuluie. So one shouId focus onIv on lhe piesenl dav,
and focus one's effoils on gelling lhings iighl lodav. Ioi if a peison is focused
on lhal, lhis neans lhal he viII do lhings piopeiIv and foigel aloul voiiv
and iegiel.
When lhe Iiophel (peace and lIessings of AIIah le upon hin) said a du´aa´ oi
laughl a du´aa´ lo his Unnah, as veII as uiging lhen lo seek lhe heIp of
AIIah and hope foi His lounlv, he vas aIso uiging lhen lo sliive lo allain lhe
lhing lhev veie piaving foi lhiough lheii ovn effoils and lo foigel aloul lhe
lhing vhich lhev veie piaving vouId le vaided off fion lhen. ßecause
du´aa´ (suppIicalion) nusl le acconpanied lv aclion. So a peison nusl sliive
lo allain lhal vhich viII lenefil hin in voiIdIv and spiiiluaI leins, and ask
his Loid lo nake his effoils successfuI, and he shouId seek His heIp in lhal, as
lhe Iiophel (peace and lIessings of AIIah le upon hin) said:
¨Sliive foi lhal vhich viII lenefil vou and seek lhe heIp of AIIah, and do nol
le heIpIess. If anvlhing (lad) happens lo vou, do nol sav, 'If onIv I had done
such-and-such, lhen such-and-such vouId have happened.´ Ralhei vou
shouId sav, 'Qaddara A||an ua na sna´a fa´a|a (AIIah deciees, and vhal He viIIs
He does),´ foi (lhe voids) 'If onIv´ open lhe dooi lo lhe Shavlaan.¨ (Naiialed
lv MusIin).
The Iiophel (peace and lIessings of AIIah le upon hin) connecled lhe nallei
of sliiving lo achieve good lhings vilh lhe nallei of seeking lhe heIp of AIIah
and nol giving in lo feeIings of heIpIessness vhich aie a hainfuI kind of
Iaziness, and vilh lhe nallei of accepling lhings in lhe pasl vhich aie ovei

and done vilh, and acknovIedging lhal lhe viII and deciee of AIIah viII
inevilalIv cone lo pass. He desciiled nalleis as leing of lvo lvpes:
1 - Malleis vhich a peison nav sliive lo achieve oi lo achieve vhalevei he
can of lhen, oi lo vaid lhen off oi aIIeviale lhen. In such cases a peison
nusl sliive and nake lhe effoil, and aIso seek lhe heIp of AIIah.
2 - Malleis vheie such is nol possilIe, so he nusl have peace of nind, accepl
lhen and sulnil lo AIIah's viII.
UndoulledIv paving allenlion lo lhis piincipIe viII liing happiness and
ieIieve voiiv and disliess.
5 - Onc nf thc grcatcst mcans nf fcc!Ing cnntcnt and rc!axcd and nf
acquIrIng µcacc nf mInd Is tn rcmcmbcr A!!ah a grcat dca! (dhIkr). Thal has
a gieal effecl in liinging conlenlnenl and peace of nind, and ieIieving voiiv
and disliess. AIIah savs:
´Vcri|u. in |nc rcncnorancc cf A||an dc ncar|s find rcs|¨ (Quran. 13.28)
Renenleiing AIIah (dhiki) has a gieal effecl in achieving lhis ain lecause il
has a speciaI infIuence and lecause of lhe hope lhal il liings of ievaid.
6 - Annthcr nf thc mcans nf brIngIng haµµIncss and rc!IcvIng wnrrv and
dIstrcss Is strIvIng tn c!ImInatc thc thIngs that causc wnrrv and tn achIcvc
thc thIngs that brIng haµµIncss. Thal nav le done lv foigelling aloul lad
lhings in lhe pasl vhich cannol le changed, and ieaIizing lhal dveIIing on
lhen is a vasle of line. So a peison nusl sliive lo slop hinseIf fion lhinking
of lhal, and aIso sliive lo slop hinseIf fion feeIing anxious aloul lhe fuluie
and lhe lhings lhal he nav inagine of poveilv, feai and olhei lad lhings lhal
he lhinks nav happen lo hin in lhe fuluie. He shouId ieaIize lhal lhe fuluie
is sonelhing unknovn, he cannol knov vhal good oi lad lhings aie going lo
happen lo hin. Thal is in lhe hand of lhe AInighlv, lhe Mosl Wise, and aII
lhal His sIaves can do is lo sliive lo allain lhe good lhings and lo vaid off lhe
lad lhings. A peison shouId ieaIize lhal if he diveils his lhoughls fion
voiiving aloul his fuluie and puls his liusl in his Loid lo lake caie of his
silualion, and puls his nind al iesl conceining lhal, if he does lhal, lhen his
heail viII le al peace and his silualion viII inpiove and he viII le ieIieved of
voiiv and anxielv.
One of lhe nosl effeclive vavs of deaIing vilh voiiies aloul lhe fuluie is lo
iecile lhis du´aa´ vhich lhe Iiophel (peace and lIessings of AIIah le upon
hin) used lo iecile:
¨A||aanunna as|in |i dccni a||adni nuua ´isna|u anri. ua as|in |i dunuaaua a||a|i
fina na´aasni. ua as|in |i aa|nira|i a||a|i i|auna na´aadi. uaj´a| a|-nauaa|a ziuaada|an
|i fi |u||i |naur. ua´|-nau|a raana|an |i nin |u||i snarr (O AIIah, coiiecl nv

ieIigious connilnenl vhich is lhe foundalion of nv Iife, and coiiecl nv
voiIdIv affaiis in vhich is nv IiveIihood, and gianl ne good in lhe Heieaflei
lo vhich is nv ieluin. Make nv Iife a neans of accunuIaling good, and nake
dealh a iespile foi ne fion aII eviI).¨ (Naiialed lv MusIin, 272O)
And he said, ¨A||aanunna ranna|a|a arju fa |a |a|i|ni i|a nafsi |arfa|a ´aunin ua
as|in |i sna´ni |u||anu. |aa i|aana i||a an|a (O AIIah, foi Youi neicv I hope, so do
nol alandon ne lo nvseIf even foi a nonenl. And coiiecl aII nv affaiis.
Theie is no god lul You).¨ (Naiialed lv Alu Davood vilh a saheeh isnaad,
no. 5O9O: cIassed as hasan lv aI-AIlaani in Sanccn a|- Ka|in a|-Tauuio, p. 49)
If a peison ulleis lhese du´aa´s, vhich ask lhal his spiiiluaI and voiIdIv
affaiis nav le sel iighl oi coiiecled, vilh piopei piesence of nind and
sinceiilv of inlenlion, vhiIsl sliiving lo achieve lhal, AIIah viII gianl hin
vhal he has piaved foi, hoped foi and sliiven foi, and He viII luin his voiiv
inlo jov and happiness.
7 - If a µcrsnn cxµcrIcnccs anxIctv and dIstrcss bccausc nf a dIsastcr, thcn
nnc nf thc mnst cffcctIvc mcans nf rc!IcvIng hImsc!f nf that Is tn thInk nf
thc wnrst sccnarIn tn whIch that mav !cad, and trv tn acccµt that. When he
has done lhal, lhen he shouId liv lo aIIeviale il as nuch as possilIe. ßv neans
of lhis acceplance and lhese effoils, he viII ieIieve hinseIf of his voiiies and
disliess, and inslead of voiiving he viII sliive lo liing aloul good lhings and
lo deaI vilh vhalevei he can of lhe lad lhings. If he is faced vilh lhings lhal
cause feai oi lhe possiliIilv of sickness oi poveilv, lhen he shouId deaI vilh
lhal lv sliiving lo nake hinseIf accepl lhal, oi sonelhing even voise, vilh
conlenlnenl, lecause lv naking hinseIf accepl lhe voisl-case scenaiio, he
Iessens lhe inpacl of lhe lhing and nakes il seen Iess leiiilIe, especiaIIv if he
occupies hinseIf vilh effoils lo vaid il off as nuch as he can. Thus as veII as
sliiving lo achieve sonelhing good vhich viII disliacl hin fion his voiiies
aloul caIanilv, he viII aIso ienev his slienglh lo iesisl lad lhings, and pul
his liusl and ieIiance in AIIah. UndoulledIv lhese nalleis aie of gieal lenefil
in allaining happiness and peace of nind, as veII as liinging lhe hope of
ievaid in lhis voiId and in lhe Heieaflei. This is sonelhing vhich is veII
knovn fion lhe expeiience of nanv vho have liied il.
8 - 5tcadfastncss nf hcart and nnt bcIng dIsturbcd abnut thc ImagInarv
thIngs that bad thnughts mav brIng tn mInd. Ioi vhen a peison gives in lo
his inaginalion and Iels his nind le disluiled lv lhese lhoughls, such as feai
of disease and lhe Iike, oi angei and confusion sliiied up lv sone giievous
nallei, oi lhe expeclalion of lad lhings and lhe Ioss of good lhings, lhal viII
fiII hin vilh voiiies, disliess, nenlaI and phvsicaI iIIness and neivous
lieakdovns, vhich viII have a lad effecl on hin and vhich causes a gieal
deaI of hain, as nanv peopIe have seen. ßul vhen a peison depends on AIIah
and puls his liusl in Hin, and does nol give in lo his inaginalion oi Iel lad
lhoughls oveivheIn hin, and he ieIies on AIIah and has hope of His lounlv,
lhal vaids off his voiiies and disliess, and ieIieves hin of a gieal deaI of

nenlaI and phvsicaI sickness. Il gives indesciilalIe slienglh, confoil and
happiness lo lhe heail. Hov nanv hospilaIs aie fiIIed vilh lhe nenlaIIv sick
viclins of iIIusions and hainfuI inaginalion: hov oflen have lhese lhings had
an effecl upon lhe heails of nanv sliong peopIe, Iel aIone lhe veak ones: hov
oflen have lhev Ied lo fooIishness and insanilv.
Il shouId le noled lhal voui Iife viII foIIov voui liain of lhoughl. If voui
lhoughls aie of lhings lhal viII liing vou lenefil in voui spiiiluaI oi voiIdIv
affaiis, lhen voui Iife viII le good and happv. Olheivise il viII le lhe
The peison vho is safe fion aII of lhal is lhe one vho is piolecled lv AIIah
and heIped lv Hin lo sliive lo achieve lhal vhich viII lenefil and slienglhen
lhe heail and vaid off anxielv. AIIah savs (inleipielalion of lhe neaning):
ºAnd uncscctcr pu|s nis |rus| in A||an. |ncn Hc ui|| sufficc nin¨ (Quran. 65.3)
i.e., He viII le sufficienl foi aII lhal is voiiving hin in his spiiiluaI and
voiIdIv affaiis. The one vho puls his liusl in AIIah viII have slienglh in his
heail and viII nol le affecled lv anvlhing he inagines oi le disluiled lv
evenls, lecause he knovs lhal lhese aie lhe iesuIl of vuIneialIe hunan naluie
and of veakness and feai lhal have no lasis. He aIso knovs lhal AIIah has
guaianleed conpIele sufficiencv lo lhose vho pul lheii liusl in Hin. So he
liusls in AIIah and finds peace of nind in His pionise, and lhus his voiiv
and anxielv aie dispeIIed: haidship is luined lo ease, sadness is luined lo jov,
feai is luined lo peace. We ask AIIah lo keep us safe and sound, and lo lIess
us vilh slienglh and sleadfaslness of heail, and conpIele liusl, foi AIIah has
guaianleed aII good lhings lo lhose vho pul lheii liusl in Hin, and has
guaianleed lo vaid off aII lad and hainfuI lhings fion lhen.
If lad lhings happen oi lheie is lhe feai of such, lhen vou shouId counl lhe
nanv lIessings lhal vou aie sliII enjoving, lolh spiiiluaI and voiIdIv, and
conpaie lhen vilh lhe lad lhings lhal have happened, foi vhen vou
conpaie lhen vou viII see lhe nanv lIessings lhal vou aie enjoving, and lhis
viII nake lhe lad lhings appeai Iess seiious.
See a|-lasaa´i| a|-Mufccdan |i´|-Hauaa| a|-Sa´ccdanlv S halkh 'Ald aI-Rahnaan
iln Sa´di
Iln aI-Oavvin sunned fifleen vavs lhiough vhich AIIah nav dispeI voiiies
and iegiel. These aie as foIIovs:
1- Taunccd a|-Ruoccoiuuan (leIief in lhe Oneness of Divine Loidship)
2- Taunccd a|-U|ccniuuan (leIief in lhe Oneness of lhe Divine naluie)
3- Tavheed of knovIedge and leIief (i.e., Taunccd a|-Asna´ ua´|_Sifaa|,
leIief in lhe Oneness of lhe Divine nanes and alliilules)

4- Thinking of AIIah as leing alove doing anv injuslice lo His sIaves,
and alove punishing anvone foi no cause on lhe pail of lhe sIave lhal
vouId iequiie such punishnenl.
5- The peison´s acknovIedging lhal he is lhe one vho has done viong.
6- ßeseeching AIIah lv neans of lhe lhings lhal aie nosl leIoved lo
Hin, vhich aie His nanes and alliilules. Tvo of His nanes lhal
enconpass lhe neanings of aII olhei nanes and alliilules aie aI-Havv
(lhe Lvei-Living) and aI-Oavvoon (lhe LleinaI).
7- Seeking lhe heIp of AIIah AIone.
8- Affiining one's hope in Hin.
9- TiuIv pulling one´s liusl in Hin and Ieaving nalleis lo Hin,
acknovIedging lhal one's foieIock is in His hand and lhal He does as
He viIIs, lhal His viII is foievei execuled and lhal He is jusl in aII lhal
He deciees.
1O- Lelling one's heail vandei in lhe gaiden of lhe Oui´aan, seeking
consoIalion in il fion eveiv caIanilv, seeking heaIing in il fion aII
diseases of lhe heail, so lhal il viII liing confoil lo his giief and
heaIing foi his voiiies and disliess.
11- Seeking foigiveness.
12- Repenlance.
13- Iihad.
14- SaIah (piavei).
15- DecIaiing lhal he has no povei and no slienglh, and Ieaving nalleis lo
lhe One in Whose hand lhev aie.
We ask AIIah lo keep us safe and sound fion voiiies and lo ieIieve us of
disliess and anxielv, foi He is lhe AII-Heaiing, Lvei-Responsive, and He is
lhe Lvei-Living, LleinaI.
See A|ncnccn - Dca|ing ui|n lcrrics and S|rcss, in lhe ßooks seclion of lhis
And AIIah knovs lesl. Mav AIIah send lIessings and peace upon oui Iiophel
Muhannad and his faniIv and conpanions.
5hcIkh Muhammcd 5a!Ih A!-MunajjId

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