There is no God!

God is a fiction created to exploit
humanity; it has no truth in it. It is the greatest lie. It needs to
be exposed to every human being, because without its
exposure man remains a puppet.

The moment you realize there is no God, a tremendous
dignity arises in you, a freedom and a responsibility: that you
are your own creation, that this whole existence is
autonomous, it is not in the slavery of any whimsical God.
And it is very creative; it does not need any creator.

If God exists then our life is absolutely meaningless,
without any dignity, with no freedom; we are just made out of
mud. And if God makes us – he seems to be whimsical – he
can kill us any moment. Neither did he ask us whether we
wanted to be created, nor will he ask us whether we want to
be destroyed. You don’t count. If God is, man is
meaningless. God is one of the ugliest ideas that have
dominated humanity. But it served the purpose of the priests,
of the politicians, of the preachers, of the philosophers.

The world has remained so poor in every dimension for
the simple reason that we are helpless; our strings are in the
hands of God. Whatever he wants happens. Without his will
not even a leaf moves in the wind. Do you see the
implication of it? It means that it is a prison and we are
slaves under a God whose intentions are not known, who
himself has not been courageous enough to appear in the

This is a world which has been created by the universe
accidentally, unintentionally. And it was not created six
thousand years ago, it has always been here. Forms go on
changing, but that which is the inner content of existence
remains eternally the same; it knows no death.

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