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Antonia Mariconda
MLM Media
Create a Hollywood Smile in the Heart of Birmingham
Highfield Dental Clinic was opened in 2007, by the Drs Assadi. Located in Edgbaston, the
luxurious premises cobine c!tting edge technology with e"pert ad#ice, and pro#ide clients with
a sile to be en#ied by Hollywoods biggest stars. $reatents a#ailable at the clinic range fro
teeth whitening and %n#isalign orthodontics, to coplete sile a&eo#ers and facial aesthetic
$he doctors at Highfield Dental Clinic belie#e that with each new sile they create, the client
sho!ld be e'!ally as bea!tif!l and #ibrant. As s!ch, the clinic offers coplete a&eo#er
treatents, fro top to toe. Clients can treat thesel#es to aroatic facials, f!ll body
assages, and e#en hot towel treatents. Copleentary therapies are also a#ailable,
incl!ding hoeopathy, &inesiology, and (aw alignent therapy.
Additionally, Highfield Dental Clinic pro#ides e"pert bea!ty ad#ice to clients, incl!ding s&in
cons!ltation and bridal a&e !p sessions. )rofessional a&e !p lessons are also offered, so
that clients can learn how to atch their a&e !p to the bea!ty of their new sile e#ery day.
Highfield Dental Clinic also pro#ides the latest in non s!rgical s&in treatents, incl!ding
Diaond $o!ch and *c!lptra. $hese treatents can be !sed to red!ce the appearance of fine
lines, scar tiss!e !nsightly stretch ar&s, lea#ing the client with a ore yo!thf!l, fresh
appearance + perfect for parties, or the s!er holidays,
$he Drs Assadi are e"perts in their field of dentistry, and wo!ld li&e to in#ite ebers of the
press and edia to recei#e a free sile a&eo#er cons!ltation, along with free coplientary
bea!ty therapies at the Highfield Dental Clinic.
$he Drs are also a#ailable for inter#iews, e"pert coents and are happy to pro#ide case
Antonia Mariconda
MLM Media
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