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Antonia Mariconda
Health and Beauty Journalist / Media Consultant
From Teenage Author To Aesthetic Expert
Born in Hertfordshire, Antonia Mariconda graduated with a degree in Media from London
University. uring her studies, Antonia was commissioned to write for !ed"ridge Council and
"ecame #u"lished at the age of $ust nineteen.
U#on graduating, Antonia wor%ed for C&& 'elevision, and later #ursued a career in !adio and
Journalism. (he has contri"uted to numerous renowned #u"lications, including 'he )nde#endent,
Aesthetic Medicine Maga*ine and Brand &ew +ou.
Antonia s#ecialises in areas of health, "eauty and lifestyle $ournalism. (he has an avid interest in
aesthetics and #lastic surgery, and is widely regarded as an e,#ert in these fields. As testament to
this e,#ertise, Antonia was chosen to "e su" editor of 'he -rivate Healthcare .uide, /001.
Currently, Antonia authors several online "eauty columns. (he is also the editor of leading U(
#lastic surgery we"site -erfect +ourself. Later this year, Antonia will cele"rate the #u"lication of
her newest "oo%, 'he 2ssential .uide to Acne.
Antonia3s future #ro$ects include develo#ing a ma%eover series for television, contri"uting to
#rofessional "logging #ro$ects, and wor%ing in the BBC3s Health and Beauty sector.
)n addition to her $ournalistic achievements, Antonia is the founder of MLM Media 4 a #rivate media
and -! com#any dedicated to medical and aesthetic #rofessionals.
Award wining #lastic surgeon -rofessor James 5rame says6 78hat ) love a"out Antonia is that she
#rovides an all round service. 5rom writing, to -!, to mar%eting6 she really %nows how to ma%e it all
wor% together.9
Antonia Mariconda
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