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A Note From a Muslim Friend of Mine

A Note From a Muslim Friend of Mine

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Published by: watchandpray on Nov 13, 2009
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A NOTE FROM A MUSLIM FRIEND OF MINE What is happening to us is exactly what happened to the Children of Israel, the Muslims

of the earlier times, in their history of two thousand years before the arrival of Prophet Muhammad, Allah’s mercy be on him. The Qur’an describes their suffering in these words: “And we forewarned the Children of Israel in their Holy Book that ‘you will do mischief in the land twice through and you will become arrogant transgressors (and each time you will be punished).‘ When the promise for the first of the two fore warnings came to be fulfilled, WE SENT AGAINST YOU OUR SERVANTS WITH MILITARY MIGHT: THEY RAMPAGED THROUGH YOUR HOMES TO CARRY OUT THE PUNISHMENT OF WHICH YOU WERE FOREWARNED. Then after this, we afforded you an opportunity to overpower them and helped you with wealth and sons and granted you more manpower. If you perform well you do so for your own benefit; but if you do evil, it would cause harm to your own selves. Then, when the promise for your second forewarning came to be fulfilled, (WE SENT ANOTHER ARMY) TO DISFIGURE YOUR FACES AND TO ENTER YOUR TEMPLE AS THE FORMER HAD ENTERED IT BEFORE AND THEY UTTERLY DESTROYED ALL THAT THEY LAID THEIR HANDS ON. Now your Lord may again be merciful to you; but if you repeat the same behavior, we will repeat the punishment, and in the hereafter, we have made hell a prison for such unbelievers. Surely this Qur’an guides to the way that is perfectly straight and gives the good news to the believers who do good deeds that they shall have a magnificent reward, and at the same time it gives warnings to those who do not believe in the hereafter, that we have prepared for them a painful punishment.” (Qur’an; 17:4-10) The fact that God is punishing us through non-Muslims is undeniable. The reason this has happened is not because we are not undertaking proper war against our enemies but because of our “mischief” and “arrogance”. In my opinion the following are some of the prominent misdeeds that have invited God’s punishment to be inflicted on Muslims: i) As a nation Muslims are corrupt. Cheating, disregard of merit, and breaking of commitments are some of the crimes we are consistently committing. Exceptions apart, hypocrisy is the hallmark of the present-day Muslims. ii) The present-day Muslims are extremely arrogant. Despite being morally corrupt, Muslims are dead sure that they will eventually succeed in the hereafter while all non-Muslims shall be doomed. iii) The greatest evil in the present-day Muslims is that although they were expected to bring non-Muslims closer to Islam by their good acts and words, they have caused them to hate the religion of God by presenting a picture of it which cannot incline a decent human being to accept it as the religion of God. The Islam Muslims are presenting appears to be against every beautiful blessing God has created for humans in this life; it seems to suggest that the creator of this world is, God forbid, extremely unfair in that He will look at the religion of humans and not their intentions and deeds while deciding about their eternal fate; they have also caused

great harm to the message of God by creating the impression that hating fellow humans to the extent of even killing them was a part of the expectation of God from his His devoted servants.

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