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Quick Reference Guide

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Based on ASME Y14.5M-1994
A or A Datum Feature Zero Does Not Mean Perfect
.265 Hole Tolerance
.250 Size Size
M Maximum Material Condition .000 M A B C .250 .000
L Least Material Condition Inch drawing .251 .001
.252 .002
S Regardless of Feature Size .000 is a starting point when the hole .265 .015
size is at MMC(.250). As the hole size
P Projected Tol. Zone increases, the tol. zone also increases.
T Tangent Plane The upper tol. zone
2X .255 - .260 locates the pattern
F Free State .020 M A B C loosely from the datums.
ST Statistical Tolerance .005 M A
R Radius The lower tol. zone
locates the holes tightly
CR Controlled Radius to each other and tightly
SR Spherical Radius to the datum(s) for orient-
ation only; in this case
S Spherical Diameter perpendicularity.
Counterbore or Spotface .020 center of hole
Countersink zone must fall
Dimension Origin within both
tol. zones.
8X Number of places
(50) Reference Dimension
50 Basic Dimension .005
50 Arc Length
B Between 4X .250 -.265 Shown below on the left the datum
A is .990 (MMC). When the datum is
X "BY"(2 X 4 ) .000 M A B M at MMC it gets no bonus tolerance,
and so the pattern of holes as group must
Depth be on the absolute center of the datum.
Conical Taper 1.000 Below on the right, the datum is .998, .008
larger than MMC. This gives the datum a
Slope .990 .008 bonus tolerance, which permits the
All Around pattern of holes as a group to be off center
of the datum by .004.
Square Shape
A1 Datum Target

Concentricity Position .000 .008
Straightness Flatness tol. tol.
Cylindricity Circularity
Surface Profile Line Profile
Angularity Symmetry
Perpendicularity Parallelism .990 DATUM .998 DATUM
Circular Runout Total Runout NOTE: The 008 tol. zone cannot be added to the positional tol.