The Joys of Solitude

In the following poem, Milarepa celebrates the joy of solitary meditation. His biography reports
that during his stay in the wilderness, a number of people tried to convince him that such a life
was unpleasant, to which he replied that because he had discovered the natural luminosity of
mind all phenomena appeared as the interplay of luminosity of emptiness, and that as a result
he lived in a constant state of sublime happiness.
This mountainous area is a happy place, a place of meadows and bright flowers.
The trees move in the forest; it is a place in which monkeys play.
The birds sing various kinds of songs, and bees whirl and hover.
ay and night a rainbow shines, and in summer and winter a gentle rain falls.
In spring and fall a mist moves in.
In this sort of solitude
Mila, wearing cotton clothes, has found happiness.
!ecause I perceive the clear light and contemplate the emptiness of phenomena.
I am happy when things appear before me,
"nd happier when more #appear$,
!ecause my body is free from evil actions....
The realm in which a strong mind wanders is a happy one,
"nd I find happiness in my spontaneous strength
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