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Senat or Joseph L. runo, Maj.ority ea der
To : Senator Bruno J
From: John Cordo J GH-16
Date: January 25, 2000
Subject : Meeting with Dennis Hughes, Alan Lubin and Dan Donohue

Dennis Hughes, Alan Lubin and Dan Donohue, leaders of the AFL-CIO
Pension Task Force, are scheduled to meet with you at 11:30 Wednesday January
26th at 11:30 in room 909.

Dennis, Alan, and Dan wish to discuss the following:

I. Tier Equity Bill- last session the Senate passed, and the Governor vetoed , a bill
which would have reduced the early age reductions associated with Tier 3&4 to
those existing for Tier 2 members. In the wake of the signing of the Correcti.on
Officers Variable Supplementation bill, Dennis, Alan, and Dan have received
great pressure from their members to seek an override on tills bill

I have convinced these individuals not to seek an override. Instead, they will ask
for early consideration of this measure by the Senate.

2. Permanent COLA- In addition, this group is very interested in Senate action on a
permanent Cost of Living Adjustment for their retired members.
3. Other Items- Although you should act surprised, Alan will probably pull you
. aside to ask for your help ill ending a simmering feud between the teachers and
Senator Lack. Dennis wishes to ask you for some time to discuss his grOUDS
intentions regarding tile US Senate race.

Recommenda tion s

l. Tier EQYi:ty- V..,re committed early last session to pass this bill as it was viewed as
unfinished business from the last pension package we enacted (1998). The


Govemor vetoed the bill on the grounds thatit should be considered by the
Pension Task Force. My recommendation is that we view this bill as unfinished
business as well. and Dot a proper subject fOT the Governor's Pension Task Force.
We may be able to score some very big points with the unions if we pass this bill

2. C O L A- we are currently researching whether and in what fonn a COLA might
meet the Senate's philosophical, fiscal and political needs . More research and
discussions need to occur. "

3. Other Issues- the feud between the teachers and Senator Lack bas reached
ridiculous proportions. Vie need to assist the parties in putting theissues behind
them. I recommend that you listen to Alan's concerns so that we may be able to
broker a peace .