Monument to the Heroes of the Air
The Aviators' Monument is located in
the Aviators' Square, on Aviators’
Boulevard, Bucharest, Romania. It was built
between 1!" and 1!# b$ the architect and
scul%tress &idia 'ot(ebuie and b$ Iosi)
The structure, ," m hi-h, is made u%
o) bron(e scul%tures restin- on an obelis+
.sha%ed stone %edestal, which in turn stands
ato% )our tra%e(oidal %risms lin+ed to each
other b$ arcs. Beneath this entire com%le/ is
a circular stone base.
Attached to the to% o) the obelis+,
which reaches 1# meters, is a #.meter and #.
tones statue re%resentin- a )l$in- man, with his win-s outstretched. The
)olds o) a shawl )all )rom his waist onto the obelis+. Three aviators, each in
a di))erent sta-e o) )li-ht attem%t, are de%icted around the base o) the
obelis+. 0n the %edestal are the aviators' insi-nia, helmets and equi%ments,
as well as en-raved %laques with the names o) Romanian airmen who had
crashed b$ the time the monument was built. These men died %ursuin-
various -oals1 s+ill develo%ment, %er)ormance, adventure and )i-htin- in
*irst 2orld 2ar.
In 3ul$ 1,4, the committee )ormed )or the construction on the
monument as+ed 'ot(ebuie to e/ecute a model with the si(e o) one quarter
)rom the overall dimensions o) the %lanned monument. In 1!", with the
hel% o) the Air *orce Ministr$, material )rom Ar-e5 River was brou-ht to the
Mala/a *actor$, where the statue was to be %roduced. There, in Ma$ 1!",
in the architect’s %resence, the statue was cast in bron(e, a)ter a %laster
model. 0n 3ul$ ,1
, 1!#, on the monument it was inscribed 6To the
Airmen 7eroes89 the ori-inal letterin- has been %reserved.
In 1:1, a miniature co%$ o) the monument accom%anied the
cosmonaut ;umitru <runariu into outer s%ace.
A)ter the )all o) the =ommunist re-ime in 1:, the ornamental desi-n
above the dedication, re%resentin- the cross o) the 0rder o) Aeronautical
>irtue ?a cross with its side bar sha%ed li+e win-s, a %air o) crossed swords
and the =oat o) arms o) Romania@ was restored.

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