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Quarter 1 Midterm

Unit #1
• The most important topic we
studied I believed would be
Tainos.Columbus came in search
of gold and other goods in Asia
and India but instead found
tainos(first people here).tainos
were the indigenous people of
the land.Columbus confused
thinking he landed in India called
the Tainos Indians. since he
didn’t find gold or spices he
enslaved the tainos as payment
for the use of the boats and
such.he tortured them brutally
and they just watched.the tainos
were nearly wiped out and
forced to work on encomiendas.
Unit #2
• The most important subject we
studied from unit 2 would be the
Ghetto.In cities south north east
and west there was segregation
for cities like Los
Angeles and New York they
created what we know as the
ghetto were blacks and Latinos
had to live.this made things
“separate but equal” which it
wasn’t because it was worse for
blacks and Latinos.due to
segregation blacks and Latinos
had to live in the ghetto and
couldn’t buy a house anywhere
else.thee caused problems we
have today like violence,drug
abuse, and poverty.
Unit #3
• The most important topic we
studied in unit #3 would be
Mexican independence. Miguel
Hidalgo started by rebelling
against the Spanish with the
people,and criollos.he gave the
famous “Grito de Dolores”
speech on September 10th
1810.he was captured and killed
a year later.later when they won
there independence Benito
Juarez became Mexico’s first
president.Benito Juarez made
the “plan de iguala” making that
there would be one common
religion and making it no upper
or lower class.he was eventually
replaced after he died by Porfirio
Diaz a horrible dictator that only
cared about the rich.
Most Important
• The most important topic would be
Mexican independence from unit
#3.this is most important because it
was a country trying to win there right
to be independent from who was over
powering them which was the
Spanish.They took back what was
there’s which was the land.
• My definition of leadership would be
someone who speaks loudly for
themselves and others when others
cant self advocate for themselves.a
good leader is strong and is wiling to
put himself on the line for the benefit of
what he believes in.leaders are people
who take command and show people
the way they couldn’t find on there own.