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Graystone Day School
Day Gray
Gray Stone is a college preparatory school for
grades 9-12. It is a regional school serving stu-
dents up to 300 Stanly, Rowan, Cabarrus,
Montgomery, Mecklenburg, Davidson,
Randolph and Iredell counties. Since the
school is based on Pfeiffer University students
Gray Stone Day
are exposed to college life on daily basis. It is
also state supported so any student may come PO Box 650

here for free. 48380 US Hwy 52 N

Misenheimer, NC 28109

Phone Numbers

Main Office (704) 463-0567

Fax (704) 463-0569

Guidance Office (704) 463-3317

Chief Administrative Officer (704) 463-3308

Registrar (704) 463-3317

Athletics (704) 463-3314

Testing (704) 463-3317

Associate Director (704) 463-3314
Gray Stone has always been in the
top 5% of schools for its end of Students
course test scores every year. Students at Gray Stone are offered quite a
Also in 2006-07 98% of the stu- selection of choice classes whether in a
dents at Gray Stone took part in classroom or online. Along with standard
the SAT and with a average grade core high school courses are available in
of 1584 in was positioned in the honors classes in addition to the Advance
top 10 % of the states average Placement (AP) classes. All students have
SAT scores and was also sixth in the use of some of Pfeiffer's facilities like
all of the state. their back up gym and the library.

Sometimes the best place
to prepare for college is a

Staff Gray Stone Day

PO Box 650
Gray Stone endeavors to acquire the finest
48380 US Hwy 52 N
teachers to give their students a variety of
classes. Gray Stone has summed up a vari- Misenheimer, NC 28109
Gray Stone ety of instructors that are strict but offer
Main Office (704) 463-0567
Summary support in the classroom.