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Portfolio Graffiti exercise

Attendance: Mike Reid, Adrianna Rossi, Tyler Proulx, Christie Pratt, Bruno Randimbiarison, Carolyn
Weir, Emma Doorly, Pascale Perrier, Manon Rocan, Amber Corkum
#1 Link to Real World/Culture (not needed for New Teachers, but we did it anyway!)
Lesson plan on an actual event
Situational problems (math)
Brainstorming real employment that requires French. How? Why?
Tools in different careers/jobs
Newspaper clippings used in lessons to bring in real world events
Math links (discounts, percent, adding/sub/mult/div)
Positive communication
Example of student project on an actual current/historical event
Sport - > real world
Team building
o Team building
o Encouragement
o Personal accountability
o As strong as weakest link
#3 Planning
Lesson plans
Reflective practice from students perspective
Variety of activities for each competency
Examples of student work (tests)
Reflection on a lesson plan or LES/Unit
Research and development around the topic of study
#4 Classroom Teaching
Pre/post assessments
Group work
Comments from team teachers
Feedback sheet from students
Lesson plans with clear expectations directed to competencies
Delivery of teaching strategies
2 lessons (1 good, 1 even better)
Power point lessons
Specific & overall expectations
#6: Classroom Environment
Seating plan
Photocopy of agenda
Cooperative games
Checking for understanding
Agenda on board
Homework board
Monday weekend talk and presentations
Student work on walls
Establish routines (photos)
Class rules
Tribe agreements
Stick to curriculum breakdowns
Photos in action
Example of lesson plan
Reflection on lesson successes/failures
#11 Professional Development
Meetings (subject / mentor/ random)
Consulting with colleagues
Asking questions
Certificates of course/training/workshops
Reflection sur certaines lments presents
Marshall memo
Departmental / goals & procedures
Producing lessons, worksheets, LES
Doing new things
Evidence of dept meetings / accomplishments
#12 Professionalism
Role model
o Importance of showing we take students and our job seriously
Rapport de rencontre dechange entre collegues
Project entre matires
Website example
Respect des lves
Example of email (to colleague, parent ,admin)
Examples of how you have dealt with a difficult situation
Classroom rules/expectations
Reflection of how you handle intolerance and how you encourage tolerance in your class
Include rubrics
Copy of basketball parent meeting to demonstrate leadership and professionalism
Showcase activities that show how you would deal with issues or debates with a moral