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Bluetooth Autocom cdp+ Installation Autocom delphi 2013.

Activation Guide

Bluetooth Autocom cdp+ newest software version is 2013
release 3. Customers need to install, activation and crack
Autocom delphi 2013.3 software before usin it. Below
!B"2#unin sharin Bluetooth Autocom
cdp+ $nstallation Autocom delphi 2013.3 Activation
VIP order Bluetooth Auto 2013.3 with Auto cdp+
cars trucks cable
Bluetooth Autocom cdp+ Installation Autocom
delphi 2013.3 Activation uide!
1. &ninstall other versions of autocom cdp pro software
2. $nstall the software'Autocom 2013.3(
)or Autocom C"* pro '+ serial number(
Autocom C"*,"s1+0- Cars ./0302+0
12 car0 31%4%1$)5.%1
".1+0- 1eav6 "ut6 7ehicles #rucks ./0302+0
12 truck0 891A8$9!!.:&
)or Autocom C"*+ or C"* plus '; serial number(
Autocom C"*+,".1+0-'new vci( Cars ./01002+1

12 cars0-%")9<)A75-"
".1+0- 1eav6 "ut6 7ehicles

/ew 7C$

12 truck0=47:7/1A%-1"
> Click start 2013.3 Autocom C"* software
> Click 6es to save )ileActivation on desk
> .end )ileActivation ?ust 6ou saved on desk to us,
> 2ait 6our seller send back the )ileActivation file actived
> Cop6 the )ileActivation file actived replace to the file on
> Click start aain
> Click no
> Click 6es
> .elect the )ileActivation file actived on desk. open
> 2ait for install complete,en?o6@