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VERB TENSES | Conditional Tenses 3

Choose the best (most grammatically correct) response:

1. If she __________________ so much last night, she would not have had such an
awful headache this morning.
a) had not drank b) did not drink c) does not drink

2. If I __________________ my homework, my parents will be angry.
a) dont do b) didnt do c) wouldnt do

3. If you loved your dog, you __________________ better care of it.
a) will take b) would have taken c) would take

4. I will talk to you if I __________________ time.
a) would have b) have c) would have had

5. How would she have known if I __________________ her?
a) hadnt told b) didnt tell c) dont tell

6. If I __________________ in Hawaii, I would be swimming right now.
a) would be b) was c) were

7. If I tell you the truth you __________________ at me.
a) would laugh b) will laugh c) would have laughed

8. If I had taken German in high school, I __________________ for that job in
Berlin last year.
a) would apply b) would have applied c) applied

9. If she wasnt so pretty, boys __________________ with her all the time.
a) will not fall in love b) would not fall in love c) do not fall in love

10. If I hadnt come, I ____________________ it.
a) will regret b) would regret c) would have regretted

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VERB TENSES | Conditional Tenses 3

1) a 2) a 3) c 4) b 5) a 6) c 7) b 8) b 9) b 10) c