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Great Harvest Bread Co.

of Annapolis

208 Ridgely Ave.
Annapolis, MD 21401
Today’s Date _______________________________________________________________
How did you hear about Great Harvest?____________________________________________
Our Mission Statement:
Be loose and have fun
Bake phenomenal bread
Run fast to help customers
Create a strong, exciting bakery
Give generously to others

The people who make up Great Harvest are the foundation upon
which the ultimate success of our business rests. Above and
beyond all else, working at Great Harvest means making a serious
commitment to learning about great food and great service and to
help create an exceptional workplace. If you think this is the spot
you’ve been looking for, fill out this application completely. If we
like what we see, we’ll contact you for an interview. Thank you.

About you…
Name: ________________________________________________________
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Email address: ___________________________________________________________
(We will contact you via email if we decide to call you in for an interview.)
Are you under 18? Yes or No. If yes, what is your date of birth? ______________________
What is the highest grade of school/college you have completed? ______________________
Current or most recent school: _______________________________________________
Date you can start: ________________________________________________________