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ABB Price Book 19

ABB Price Book 19

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Published by Ralph Munoz

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Published by: Ralph Munoz on Nov 14, 2009
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19 ABB Low Voltage Products Price Book Pc332

A75-30-11-51 A75,3P CONTR,480/60,400-415/50 $413.00 OA
A75-30-11-55 A75,3P CONTR,500/50,600/60 $413.00 OA
A75-30-11-75 A75,CONTR,200/50,200-220/60 $413.00 OA
A75-30-11-80 A75,3P CONTR,220/50,240/60 $413.00 OA
A75-30-11-81 A75,3P CONTR,24/50/60 $413.00 OA
A75-30-11-83 A75,3P CONTR,48/50/60 $413.00 OA
A75-30-11-84 A75,3P CONTR,110/50,110-120/60 $413.00 OA
A75-30-11-85 A75,3P CONTR,380/50,415/60 $413.00 OA
A75-30-11-86 A75,3P CONT.415-440/60,415/50 $413.00 OA
A75-30-22-51 A75 3P CONTR,400-415/50,480/60 $453.00 OA
A75-30-22-80 A75 3P CONTR,240/60,2NO,2NC $453.00 OA
A75-30-22-81 A75 3P CONTR,24/50/60 $453.00 OA
A75-30-22-83 A75 3P CONTR,48/50/60,OPEN $453.00 OA
A75-30-22-84 A75 3P CONTR.110/50,110-120/60 $453.00 OA
A75-30-22-86 A75 3P CONTR,415/50,440/60,2&2 $453.00 OA
A75-40-00-36 A75,4P CONTR,190/50,220/60 $525.00 OA
A75-40-00-75 A75 4P CONTR,200/50,200-220/60 $525.00 OA
A75-40-00-80 A75,4P CONTR,220/50,240/60 $525.00 OA
A75-40-00-81 A75,4P CONTR,24/50/60 $525.00 OA
A75-40-00-84 A75,4P CONTR,110/50,110-120/60 $525.00 OA
A75-40-00-84/CO A75 4P CHOV CONTR,110-120/60 $1,184.00 OA
A75-40-11-80 A75 4P CONTR,220/50,240/60 $555.00 OA
A753000RT-84 A75 3P CONTR,110/50-120/60 $475.00 OA
A75L-22-00-84 2/2P LIGHTING CONTRW/LATCH 120 $619.00 OA
A75L-30-00-84 3P LIGHTING CONTR W/LATCH 120V $477.00 OA
A75L-40-00-84 4P LIGHTING CONTR W/LATCH 120V $619.00 OA
A75M-30-11-34 A75 3P MI CONTRS,208/60,175/50 $1,155.00 OA
A75M-30-11-51 A75 3P MI CONTR,480/60 $1,155.00 OA
A75M-30-11-80 A75 3P MI CONTR,220/50,240/60 $413.00 OA
A75M-30-11-81 A75 3P MI CONTR,24/50-60 $1,155.00 OA
A75M-30-11-84 A75 3P MI CONTRS,110-120/60 $1,155.00 OA
A75N3-30-11-34 A75N 3P CONTR,NM SZ 3,208V $413.00 OA
A75N3-30-11-51 A75N 3P CONTR,NM SZ 3,480/60 $413.00 OA
A75N3-30-11-80 A75N 3P CONTR,NM SZ 3,240/60 $413.00 OA
A75N3-30-11-81 A75N 3P CONTR,NM SZ 3,24/50-60 $413.00 OA
A75N3-30-11-84 A75N 3P CONTR,NM SZ 3,120/60 $413.00 OA
A75N3-30-11-86 A75N 3P CONTR,NM SZ 3,440/60 $413.00 OA
A75N3-30-22-84 A75N 3P CONTR,NM SZ 3,120/60 $453.00 OA
A75N3M-11-51 NM SZ 3 MECH.INT.CONTR,480/60 $1,155.00 OA
A75N3M-11-80 A75N 3P MI CONTR,NM SZ 3,240V $1,155.00 OA
A75N3M-11-84 A75N 3P MI CONTR,NM SZ 3,120V $1,155.00 OA
A75N3M-22-84 A75 3P MI CONTR,NM SZ 3,120V $1,185.00 OA
A75N3R-11-84 A75N 3P REV CONTRS,NM SZ3 120V $1,298.00 OA
A75N3R-22-84 A75N 3P REV CONTR,NM SZ 3,120V $1,318.00 OA
A75N3S-34E A75 3PH NM SZ3 STR,208V $563.00 OA
A75N3S-34E20 A75 3PH NM SZ3 STR,208V,OPEN $593.00 OA
A75N3S-51E1 A75 3PH NM SZ3 STR,480V,OPEN $1,144.00 OA
A75N3S-80D A75N 3PH NM SZ 3 STR,240/60 $563.00 OA
A75N3S-80E1 A75 3PH NM SZ3 STR,240V,OPEN $1,144.00 OA
A75N3S-80F A75N 3PH NM SZ 3 STR 240/60 $563.00 OA
A75N3S-81F A75N 3PH NM SZ 3 STR,24/50-60 $563.00 OA
A75N3S-84C A75N 3PH NM SZ 3 STR,120/60 $563.00 OA

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