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ABB Price Book 30

ABB Price Book 30

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Published by Ralph Munoz

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Published by: Ralph Munoz on Nov 14, 2009
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30 ABB Low Voltage Products Price Book Pc332

AE9R-30-11-87 AE9 3P REV CONTR,125VDC $395.00 OA
AE9S-81D AE9 3PH STR,24VDC,OPEN $205.00 OA
AE9S-81E AE9 3PH STR,24VDC,OPEN $205.00 OA
AE9S-81F AE9 3PH STR,24VDC,OPEN $205.00 OA
AE9S-81G AE9 3PH STR 24VDC OPEN $205.00 OA
AE9S-81H AE9 3PH STR,24VDC,OPEN $205.00 OA
AE9S-81J AE9 3PH STR,24VDC,OPEN $210.00 OA
AE9S-81K AE9 3PH STR,24VDC,OPEN $210.00 OA
AE9S-81L AE9 3PH STR,24VDC,OPEN $210.00 OA
AE9S-81L11 AE9 3PH STR,24VDC,OPEN $240.00 OA
AE9S-81M AE9 3PH STR,24VDC,OPEN $205.00 OA
AE9S-81M11 AE9 3PH STR,24VDC,OPEN $240.00 OA
AE9S-81N AE9 3PH STR,24VDC,OPEN $205.00 OA
AE9S-81N11 AE9 3PH STR,24VDC,OPEN $240.00 OA
AE9S-81P AE9 3PH STR,24VDC,OPEN $205.00 OA
AE9S-81P11 AEP 3PH STR 24VDC OPEN $240.00 OA
AE9SR-81M AE9 REV STR,24VDC,4.5-6.5A $342.00 OA
AE9SS-81N AE9 1PH STR,24VDC,OPEN $208.00 OA
AF110-30-11-69 AF110 3P CONTR,48-130AC/DC $600.00 OA
AF110-30-11-70 AF110,3PH CONTR,100-250V AC/DC $600.00 OA
AF110-30-11-72 AF110 3P CONTR 20-60VDC $600.00 OA
AF110-30-22-70 AF110 3P CONTR 100-250V AC/DC $630.00 OA
AF110B3000RT-69 AF110 3P CONTR,RT,48-130VAC/DC $968.00 OA
AF110B3000RT-70 AF110 3P CONTR,RT,100-250VACDC $968.00 OA
AF110B3011RT-69 AF110 3P CONTR,RT,48-130VAC/DC $986.00 OA
AF110B3011RT-70 AF110 3P CONTR,RT,100-250VACDC $986.00 OA
AF110B3011RT-72 AF110 3P CONTR,RT,20-60VAC/DC $986.00 OA
AF110B3022RT-70 AF110 3P CONTR,RT,100-250VACDC $1,041.00 OA
AF110M-30-11-70 AF110 3P CONT,100-250VAC/DC $1,605.00 OA
AF110R-30-11-70 AF110 REV CONTR,100-250V AC/DC $1,868.00 OA
AF45-22-00-70 AF45-22-00 100-250V 50/60 $385.00 OA
AF45-40-00-70 A45,4P CONTR,110-250/50/60 $385.00 OA
AF50-30-00-72 AF50 3P CONTR,20-60VDC $420.00 OA
AF50-30-11-69 AF50,3P CONTR,48-130V AC/DC $450.00 OA
AF50-30-11-70 AF50,3PH CONTR,100-250V AC/DC $450.00 OA
AF50-30-11-72 AF50,3P CONTR,20-60VDC $450.00 OA
AF50-30-22-69 AF50 3P CONTR,2NO-2NC,48-130V $480.00 OA
AF50-30-22-70 AF50 3P CONTR,2NO-2NC,100-250V $480.00 OA
AF50-40-00-70 AF50,4PH CONTR,100-250V AC/DC $435.00 OA
AF503000RT-69 AF50,3P CONTR,48-130VAC/DC $582.00 OA
AF503000RT-70 AF50 3P CONTR,RT 100-250VAC/DC $582.00 OA
AF503000RT-72 AF50 3P CONTR,RT,20-60VDC $582.00 OA
AF503010RT-69 AF50,3P CONTR,48-130VAC/DC $612.00 OA
AF503011RT-69 AF50 3P CONTR,RT,48-130VAC/DC $626.00 OA
AF503011RT-70 AF50 3P CONTR,RT,100-250VAC/DC $626.00 OA
AF503011RT-72 AF50 3P CONTR,RT,20-60VDC $626.00 OA
AF503022RT-72 AF50 3P 2/2 AUX,RT,20-60VDC $642.00 OA
AF50M-30-11-69 AF50 3P MI CONTR,48-130V AC/DC $953.00 OA
AF50M-30-11-70 AF50 3PMI CONTR,100-250V AC/DC $953.00 OA
AF50R-30-11-70 AF50 REV CONTR,100-250V AC/DC $1,050.00 OA
AF50S-72E1 AF50 3PH STR,20-60VDC OPEN $664.00 OA
AF63-30-11-69 AF63,3P CONTR,48-130V AC/DC $495.00 OA

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