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Aphrodisia C2

Aphrodisia C2

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Published by: emmet11 on Nov 14, 2009
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Aphrodisia Ch.

by Lien_Geller©
Gwendolyn Chambers was not having a good day. Her husband had left her for some bitch at a local massage parlour. Hell, it was probably a whorehouse for all she knew. That morning she'd woken up to find him sat downstairs on their couch with a suitcase packed up next to him. For a moment there she had actually thought he was surprising her with a secretly booked holiday or something. Then he'd started talking about how she wasn't there for him anymore, about how she wouldn't give up her career to start the family he wanted so much. Finally after spouting enough bullshit to sate his guilty conscience he'd told her about the other woman in his life. Apparently he was going to stay with her. He'd left her that morning with their pre-prepared divorce papers. Just before he'd walked out of the door he turned back and wished her good luck in the job interview she had that afternoon. He'd used his best 'lets all be friends' voice when he'd said it. She'd stood through it all in stunned silence. The tears came a little while after the door had closed behind him. She knew they hadn't been talking as much as they should have. They had problems. So did everyone else. Problems were meant to be worked out. She'd wanted to make her marriage work so much. Hoping desperately that the spark they'd lost in the past year or so would come back. The man's obsessive desire to have kids and see her stay at home had plagued her so much. Every time they'd work up to having sex he'd always mention how he thought it was time to forget the contraception. It always killed her enthusiasm. For the past six months they'd barely touched each other. After several years of law school she wasn't about to waste all that time and her qualifications as a full fledged lawyer by staying at home. She was only twenty six years old goddammit. Not to mention that she was good enough to be interviewed that afternoon by one of the best up and coming law firms in the country. Her old firm heard about the interview and fired her immediately. She didn't care. They were a total of five old men who had spent most of their time trying to put her into secretarial work. She wasn't going to stand for that and had managed to secure several cases for herself. She'd shown so much promise that her new firm, or so she hoped, had actually called her. They'd indicated that the interview was basically a formality and that the placement was as good as hers anyway. Unfortunately having someone who you thought was the love of your life leave you for someone else can change more things than just your relationship status. So she'd walked into the interview that afternoon with tear stains, puffy eyes and a slightly dishevelled look about her. The interviewers had seemed quite surprised at first. Surprise turned into disapproval however when she couldn't hold herself together long enough to finish the interview. After she'd hurried out to the nearest toilet in order to throw up their secretary

told her she wasn't to be allowed back inside the interview room. The woman had gently told her she wasn't what they were looking for and that they were very sorry for wasting her time. Gwen started to cry again after that and was still shaking when she left the building. In one day her entire life had turned into a complete mess. She had thought briefly of calling a friend but then realised that she didn't have any. All of her old friends had slowly been pushed away by her husband's disapproval of her socialising with anyone who wasn't him. Her mother had died when she was twenty one and she'd never known her father at all. With no other family the poor woman had realised there was no one in the world to help her. For a while she went back home but it didn't take long until the walls felt like they were starting to close in on her. Memories of living there that she'd once cherished now seemed like perverted stains soiling her house. Taking her car keys she'd driven to the nearest hotel and booked a room for the night. When the man behind the desk had given her the room key she didn't stay to listen to the usual spiel of what the hotel had to offer. It didn't take long for her to make her way into the bar. She ordered a double vodka, straight up. Looking around the place she saw it was practically empty of people. As she'd sat down on a bar stool two teenage girls walked past her looking very happy with themselves. Feeling like she'd never be happy again, her current troubles started to weigh more heavily on her shoulders. In fact she was so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she didn't notice when the bartender came back with her drink. After she didn't respond when he set the drink in front of her the man audibly cleared his throat. As Gwendolyn muttered an apology and started fumbling about with her purse however a man stepped up to the bar and paid for her drink. He also ordered one for himself. Wiping her eyes again she looked at him. Angry and slightly embarrassed she had told him she didn't want anything from him. He didn't seem to mind the irritated tone she used on him and paid for her drink despite it. Then a woman had come over to see what he was up to and that had disarmed her somewhat. Apparently she and the man were there together and he'd just seen Gwendolyn there trying not to cry and had come over to see if she was alright. Reassured that he wasn't trying to hit on her she'd been more receptive to the pair trying to cheer her up. From the labels on the bags the woman was carrying she knew that the pretty blonde had just been lingerie shopping. The guy was in for a hell of a night it seemed. It had been so nice of them to stop to talk to her that she'd let them walk her up to her room. The woman had introduced herself as Sonya on the way up to the third floor as Jamie led the way. By some strange coincidence their rooms had been right opposite each other. When she'd gone inside she'd found her room was pleasant enough and started getting undressed. Thinking that there might still be hope for the human race if it had people like that young couple in it she'd allowed herself a small smile. The suit she'd worn to the interview was soon unravelled from her fatigued body. She hadn't even had time to iron the damn thing that morning. Catching a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror she realised that she wouldn't have even hired herself looking like

that. She'd tied her hair up into a bun that had already begun to unravel of its own accord. Loosening the hairpin that kept it in place caused her long dark auburn hair to cascade down to hang just past her shoulder blades. She ruffled the messy locks up a little to let them fall more wildly around her features. Her shoes were kicked across the room as she then slipped out of her suit-jacket to let it crumple on the floor. The grey skirt had been the next to go as she made her way towards the bathroom. After flicking on the light switch she made her way over to the polished sink and washed her face. Afterward she looked into the mirror and realised she actually looked a little better. The wild waves of her hair framed her exotic features. Her mother had been Spanish and she'd always taken after her more than her father. Granted she'd never met her father but her mother had told her he was English. Her olive skin tone and exotic features were reminiscent far more of the people of the Mediterranean than those of the British Isles. She also noticed her light brown eyes weren't brimming with tears for what must have been the first time since that morning. "I guess those two actually did manage to cheer me up a little." She thought to herself. Walking back to bed she started thinking about the couple again, more specifically the man. Jamie. He'd said his name was Jamie. She'd thought of him as a man the first time she'd seen him but he couldn't have been older than twenty. He'd been tall. She guessed just over six feet in height with a strong athletic build. His musculature wasn't outlandish like that of a bodybuilder but rather lithe, toned, almost panther-like. He'd certainly displayed his strength by carrying several heavy bags up to the room without any trouble. Remembering the firm shapely ass and the way his biceps tensed with the weight of the bags she let her thoughts wander for a while. She found the more she remembered Jamie's appealing physique, the more her troubles slipped farther to the back of her mind. Gwendolyn caught herself daydreaming in the doorway to the bathroom and shook her head. She had a lot of problems on her plate right now and this was no time for her to be indulging in impossible fantasies. Jamie's girlfriend had after all being a gorgeous slim blonde with several bags filled with naughty under garments. It was hardly plausible that Gwendolyn could tempt the young man away from her even if she'd wanted to. She'd also been older than him by at least five or six years. "Probably teaching him how to use his equipment properly." Gwendolyn thought to herself with a little smirk. Still, she'd thought the two were a good match for each other despite the slight age gap. There had been something in the way they looked at each other that suggested they were very much in love. Thinking about that made Gwendolyn feel a little emptier inside. She needed a distraction to prevent her from crying the night away. In fact she was thinking about turning on the TV and raiding the mini-bar when she caught a faint pleasant scent in the air. At first she thought it might have been something to make the bed sheets smell nicer and ignored it. Then she found herself breathing a little more deeply through her nose. Whatever that smell was it was one of the nicest things she'd ever come across in her life. As she inhaled more and more the scent became ever stronger. She went over to the bed and pulled back the sheets to look for the source

of whatever was making it. There was nothing to be found however as she overturned her pillows and pulled the sheets off the bed completely. Following the desirable smell she found it steadily affecting her other senses. She started to hear a soft melody in the air, playing along to the beat of her heart. Then a delicious taste rolled along her tongue making her try to swallow whatever it was. As quickly as it came it vanished, leaving her wanting more. "What the hell is this!?" She thought to herself. Now looking for any kind of air freshener in the room since the source of the intoxicating aroma seemed to keep moving about the place even as she tried to follow it. Suddenly and without warning she felt a wave of pleasure crash through her body. It was so strong that her legs weakened enough to make her fall back on the bed. The scintillating feeling continued to grow within her making her claw at the bed sheets. She thought to herself that whatever this was she should probably try to get away from it. Still she couldn't muster the strength or the willpower to tear herself away from the amazing sensations now flooding through her skin. Her hands started running down along her sides over the thin white cotton shirt she was wearing. The feel of her own fingers against her skin was almost electrifying. It was as if her sense of touch had been doubled, even tripled. Letting out a feint moan she started hearing a rhythmic beat that she first ascribed to her heart slamming inside her chest. Yet as she listened more closely she realised the screams of pleasure she thought might have been her own were in fact coming across the hallway. The beating noise was no doubt Sonya's hips slamming against the wall. "Oh god he's fucking her!" The highly sexed woman thought to herself. Of course she wasn't amazed that he was fucking her. She'd expected that. What she was amazed at was that he was fucking her so good she was screaming his name to the heavens. Not to mention everyone on the third floor of the hotel too. Her fingers instinctively pulled her shirt away from her hips and slowly slid under her little black velvet panties. As she felt her own slit she whimpered at the intense feeling that immediately blasted through her. It was as if her whole body had suddenly burst into flames of hot searing lust. All her problems were falling from her mind one by one as she listened to the chorus of the woman's bliss induced wails from across the hall. Plunging two fingers deep inside the sweltering wet folds of her pussy, she let out a little squeal of gratification. She'd resigned herself to doing this quite a lot since her sex life had died off in the past six months. This however was unlike anything she'd ever felt before in her life. With her free hand she grasped her full round breast and moaned whilst diddling her pussy. Lying back on the bed she frigged herself wildly, her fingers eventually making hot squishy noises as they delved into her juicy fuck flesh. Feeling she was ready to cum like a freight train she let her thumb start stroking her engorged clit. Driven to the edge of insanity she felt her body longing for the sweet

release of what was sure to be an unbelievable climax. Yet even as she tried to reach that thundering crescendo it never quite came. Five minutes into the haze of desire she started whimpering and praying for the orgasm to release her. It didn't help that the screaming woman across the hall was still fucking up a storm and, from the sound of it, setting the world record for multiple orgasms. Gwendolyn listened to those screams and thought of that hot young stud pounding her own pussy. The images running through her mind went from naughty to obscene to downright depraved as she tried to push herself over the edge. "Oh shit I need it. I need it so bad! What the hell has gotten into me? Oh who the fuck cares! This is incredible! That kid sure is making her squeal. It's not fair! I need to cum too! Maybe I should go ask..." As the naughty thought occurred to Gwendolyn she immediately chided herself. "Ask!? What the hell kind of slut am I? Jamie's kind I hope. Sonya's too if she wants me. God I don't care anymore. What the hell do I have to lose?" That thought sealed it. Far from thinking straight anymore Gwendolyn pulled her panties all the way down over her stockings and garter belt and flung them behind her. She didn't even stop to pick up the hotel key on her way out the door. It had gone quiet in the room opposite hers but she was in no mood to let that stop her. Luckily the hallway was free of onlookers. Even if it wasn't she was still dressed in the long cotton shirt that kept her decent, if only barely. As one hand rapped on their door her other couldn't resist sliding under that shirt to slide up and down her cunt a few more times. Frustrated when no one answered she knocked again. "Coming!" Jamie shouted from behind the door. "All over the place!" Added a slightly out of breath Sonya. That playful little utterance made, Gwendolyn mouth the words 'Oh Fuck' and leant forward to rest her hands on the doorway. ----Sonya Vickers was having an amazing day. In less than twenty four hours she'd managed to bag herself a new man and a promotion. Well kind of a promotion. She was a teaching assistant in the archaeology department of London University. Her boss had been an asshole to her earlier that day and her boyfriend had broken his jaw. Now normally that would have been considered a bad thing in her book. She wasn't the kind of girl that got off on guys defending her virtue and she deplored violence of any kind. On this occasion however, her boss had been a complete asshole and tried to use blackmail to force her into having sex with him. At the time she'd been too shocked to respond in time before her boyfriend's knuckles had connected with her bosses jaw. The crunch she heard when the two had connected still made her cringe at the thought of it. She'd cried at first, she loved her man after all and didn't want to see him go to jail. He'd

held her and told her it was going to be alright. He'd told her he'd taken care of everything. Then he'd done just that. It turned out that her boss, the professor, had been smuggling expensive artefacts out of the university, selling them on the side and taking the profits for himself. Her lover had told her all about it. The professor wasn't going to press charges. So now her boss had a broken jaw and since most of his job involved talking to students he wasn't likely to be at work for a long while. Sonya knew there wasn't anyone better than her to teach the class. She'd covered for the professor before and she would again. This time she'd be teaching them for a month, maybe more. Maybe there'd even be a promotion in it for her. Then there was Jamie. Her man. She'd always had a little crush on Jamie. In seminars every time he spoke he had something intelligent to say and when he didn't speak up he mostly kept to himself. When they had talked he always remained polite and was one of the few people in the class who could make her smile. He'd never whispered about her behind her back as she knew some of the other students did. She didn't care of course. The big thick glasses and cover-everything dull sweaters she'd worn had been there for a reason. People always let you down. Men especially. Since the father of her children had vanished from her life she'd simply lost faith in people. The guy had just upped and ran for the hills when she'd told him. The only people she had cared about all those years were her two kids. Everyone else be damned she'd thought. Then whilst out on a dig with the students she'd found Jamie waiting naked in her hotel room. He'd obviously made some kind of mistake in going there. Still, she'd seen him as something much more than a man that night. A friend. A lover. Plus it had been so damn long since she'd been with anyone! So she'd thrown caution to the wind and herself at him. They had both yet to look back. After the incident with the professor they had left the others and gotten a hotel room in York for the night. They'd be driving back to London tomorrow. When they'd arrived she'd noticed a small private shop a few streets away that specialized in ladies apparel. Deciding to treat Jamie and herself she'd left him in the hotel bar and hurried off to buy some things to make the night more interesting. Not that sex with Jamie needed to be more interesting of course. Christ knew who taught that boy how to pleasure a woman but he'd certainly learned a hell of a lot about the art. She'd had more orgasm's in the past twenty four hours than she'd had in her entire life. Thinking about it got her more and more juiced as she shopped for some rather scandalous undergarments and a few, ahem, accessories.

So after she'd gotten back to the hotel she was very ready to jump her man's bones. Finding him talking to a woman in the bar had been a slight speed bump. Not that she minded him talking to other women. The sexed up woman was just not in the mood to waste time chattering the night away when she could be getting her pussy ravished. Finding that the reason Jamie was talking to the woman was because she'd been sat at the bar crying had softened her resolve somewhat however. She wasn't about to drag him away from trying to make the poor soul feel better. Between them they seemed to manage cheering up Gwendolyn a little. They had walked each other up to their rooms and found they were going to be living on opposite sides of the hall for the night. Then once she and Jamie had gotten alone Sonya had unleashed the lingerie she'd bought upon him. It led to an inordinate amount of sex and a great many screaming orgasms on her part. She didn't care if she woke up the entire hotel, climaxes like those deserved to be heard goddammit. After they were both catching their breath after the first round the door buzzer had sounded. Sonya felt a little flushed since it was probably someone calling to complain about her screaming her head off. Jamie had got up to answer it and when it sounded again he was wrapping a towel around his waist.

"Coming!" He'd shouted. "All over the place!" She'd added. Initially she'd just wanted to make him smile but couldn't resist giggling along with him when she realised the full scope of what she'd just done. Well there was no hiding it now. Jamie opened the door. "Gwen? Oh hey look sorry about all the noise. I-ah...we'll try to keep a little quieter." He said. Sonya nibbled on her lip nervously. The mind blowing sex had made her forget all about the poor woman opposite the hall. Gwendolyn Chambers had lost her job and her husband had left her all in a single day. Sonya couldn't help but feel guilty since hearing what had just gone on in their room must have been like rubbing salt into an open wound for the poor woman. Sonya heard no reply and although she could see Jamie on her side of the door Gwen was blocked from view. Judging by the reaction on Jamie's face though, he seemed more surprised than apprehensive. "Is...um...Is there anything else you'd like?" He asked tentatively. Sonya heard a slight breathy mumble from the other side of the door but she couldn't make out what was being said. Whatever it was, it caused Jamie's eyes to widen. He

actually let go of the door he was that surprised. It opened a few inches more letting the light of the hallway wash over him. There was a moment of silence and Sonya wondered just what the hell was going on. Did Gwen have a gun pointed at him or something? As the door opened she reached down and pulled the bed sheets up around her to maintain some sense of decency. A blur of auburn hair, white cotton and olive skin then burst in through the doorway and slammed square into Jamie's chest so hard he was knocked down. He and the blur vanished behind the foot of the bed. ----Jamie Sloane was having a very weird day. Sometime during the afternoon the day before he'd found a very old glass vial. It had been buried for centuries in amongst the dirt of some old ruins of an ancient Roman settlement. He never would have guessed that opening the seemingly empty bottle would lead to a series of events now culminating in a lust crazed woman tackling him to the ground. He'd spent the past hour seeing how much he could make his new girlfriend squeal his name whilst screwing her senseless. Sonya, for that was her name, was now knelt on the bed with the sheets pulled up to her neck. He caught that little glimpse of her before he fell down on the ground at the foot of the bed. When he opened the door he'd expected a scolding from Gwendolyn, the woman he and Sonya had met early that night. They likely were keeping her from sleeping with their bedroom antics after all. What he saw instead as he opened the door was several very clear signs that Gwendolyn had been pleasuring herself whilst listening to them. For one thing she wasn't wearing any pants, just dark stockings and a black garter belt. The woman also had the feint scent of her own sex juices emanating from her that caught his nose in surprise. "I'd like you to make me scream like her whilst you fuck my pussy raw." She'd said to him in a low breathless whisper. At those words he'd stepped back a little in utter shock. The severely depressed and pointedly reserved woman he'd met down at the bar had clearly transformed into some kind of sex crazed harlot in the past hour or so. Before he could work out what to say to her she lunged right at him. Diving through the air with arms extended to wrap around his shoulders. The woman was far from heavy but Jamie found himself off-balance and the impact of her body against his had sent him sprawling down to land on his back. So now he found himself laying there whilst Gwendolyn clawed the long white shirt she wore right off her body and straddled his hips. "...the hell are you doing!?" It was Sonya. Upon seeing him get tackled to the ground by

an apparent madwoman she'd scurried over to the edge of the bed. She wanted to see what was going on. "Need to fuck your boyfriend here. Won't be long." Gwendolyn replied in a tone that was oddly cheerful if a little less than lucid right then. As she'd gotten rid of the shirt Jamie saw she was wearing a black velvet demi-bra that presented the deep curves of her breasts for his surprised gaze. Worried that she might not be wearing any panties he looked down over the toned waistline to the apex of her thighs. It seemed she sure had started up herself before coming to their room for sure enough she wasn't wearing anything below the waistline apart from the garter and stockings. Since she was straddling him he couldn't see the no doubt swollen petals of her pussy but as she slid her hips down over his waist to his crotch he sure felt it. She smeared her slippery hot fuck fluids down along his belly as her body lifted up a little more. Her hands tried to pin his shoulders to the floor but Jamie had started to regain his senses. "Gwen what is this!? You're not..." Jamie started to speak but found himself interrupted. "It's HOT is what it is!" Both Jamie and Gwen turned their heads in surprise since it was Sonya who'd spoken up. She'd let the bed sheet fall down around her hips and Jamie saw she was resting on her hands whilst leaning over the bed watching Gwen trying her best to ravish him. There was a twinkle of desire in her bright green eyes. Gwen was so stunned by Sonya's words she stopped trying to get Jamie's cock inside of her for a moment. Well if you were going to try to fuck a guy with his girlfriend watching she had to admit she'd hit the jackpot as far as girlfriends went. "You-you wanna come play?" Gwen asked her tentatively, half expecting the woman's demeanour to be a façade. "Only if it's ok with you Jamie, I mean I know it's weird but she's nice and...well ok I didn't know I'd get off on something like this but boy is it turning me on!" She said, looking down at Jamie. She then turned her head to look over the two of them and smiled as she saw Jamie's cock was hard and ready for action. It had slipped up between Gwen's ass cheeks and its tip was starting to glisten with his seed already. "Looks like at least part of you wants to." She added wiggling her eyebrows playfully as she did. Jamie for his part needed a moment of stunned silence. A gorgeous woman tears into their room trying everything in her power to screw his lights out and his beautiful little sexpot of a girlfriend starts to cheer him on? Yep. Life had definitely gotten weirder these past few days. Of course weird certainly didn't mean bad! Using his goddess given ability to hear other people's thoughts he examined the minds of the two women.

"...can't believe I'm doing this in the first place but she's actually ok with it!? I love these..." "...look at her! I bet Jamie would love to plough her pussy just as much as he loves to do mine. I wonder if there's..." "...cock feels so good against my ass too! I've never been this horny..." "...need to get in on this. So turned on right now!..." "...stop staring into space and FUCK ME!" The mental scream from Gwen wasn't quite worded that way since her mind was slowly unravelling in anticipation but the need was so powerful it snapped Jamie back to reality. "Well Sonya, if you're fine with it..." He said, his expression turning from shocked to excited. "Fine with it!? Get back up here and screw her already!" Even as Sonya was speaking Jamie already had put his hands on Gwen's waist and started lifting her up onto the bed. He dropped the woman down onto the soft mattress beside Sonya. She laid on her back looking up at him in eager anticipation. Jamie himself crawled back into the bed between the women and laid back with his head coming to rest on the pillows. His large cock stood up high in the air and it didn't take long for the women to get the idea. Gwen rolled over and immediately slung a leg across his hips before reaching between her thighs to grasp his blood heated shaft. The feel of her fingers wrapping around his cock was exquisite and he opened his mouth to let out a sigh. As he looked at the angelic Latin woman preparing to impale herself on his cock he caught Sonya looking at him. Her expression was one of excitement but it seemed despite wanting to watch him with another woman she was a little nervous. Sending a secret wink her way he raised his hand to give a 'come hither' gesture with his hand. She still wore that little black silk nightgown of hers along with the matching black lacy bra. The thong panties however had been thrown to the floor at some point, likely whilst he'd been answering the door. Therefore it wasn't a great deal of trouble for Jamie to reach over and grasp her bare ass, pulling her up towards where his head lay on the pillows shortly after. Sonya soon got the idea and within moments she'd crouched over his head and he found himself staring up at the delicate petals of her steaming cunt. A drop of her sweet sex juices fell from those pink folds and onto his lips. He licked it up and the taste made him all the hungrier for her. Gwendolyn seemed to have fallen into a kind of trance as she stroked his cock between her thighs. Occasionally he would feel the tip touch the hot wetness of her pussy. Given his present situation Jamie had to dedicate a lot of effort to avoiding painting her snatch with his jism. His cock was now slippery, hot and ready. In the same moment Jamie grabbed Gwendolyn's hips he also leaned up to press his mouth against his gorgeous girlfriend's pussy. Then just as he started to feel his cock thrust up inside the searing heat of Gwen's needy cunt, he stuck his tongue between

Sonya's pussy lips giving them a very deep kiss. He felt both women lean forward to press their hands on his chest and stomach as they faced each other. They both lowered their hips onto his mouth and his cock respectively. A sweet chorus of feminine moans could be heard emanating from the room. Jamie let Gwen sink all the way down to sit in his lap. She gave a little dazed yelp of surprise when her first climax flooded through her body. Jamie moaned in surprise as Gwen came since the muscles of her pussy instinctively seemed to want to suck his cum right though his cock and into her womb. "Oh fuck!" Gwen breathed. "I know! He's..." Sonya had to stop to inhale sharply as Jamie's tongue found one of the more sensitive parts of her pussy. "He's amazing right?" "Yeeeaaah! Incredible!" Gwen replied as Jamie urged her to start moving her hips by literally lifting her up a little and letting her fall back down to impale herself all over again. "Oooooh!" She squealed as her ass started to bounce up and down enthusiastically. Jamie was in heaven. Feeling Sonya's juices squirt right out of her pussy against his tongue was like drinking from a delicious fount. All he while Gwen's pussy craved to milk his shaft of its cream. He bent his knees to place his feet firmly down on the bed and started using the leverage to thrust his cock up into Gwen harder and faster. This caused the lustful beauty to scream out in surprise. It wasn't long before her head lolled back and her toes curled as a thunderous climax left her shaking with delight. Gwen found her legs growing weak and reached out to grab hold of something to keep her steady. Her hand found Sonya's left breast making her gasp in surprise at the touch of another woman. Gwen squeezed Sonya's little tit impulsively. Sonya had long since lost herself to the feel of Jamie's tongue swirling around inside her tight, wet little honey pot. So when she felt the other woman grasping her breast through her bra she gasped in surprise. Far too aroused to care about questioning her sexuality right then she reached up and unfastened the front clasp of her bra. The woman's hand soon snaked under the material to grope at Sonya's bare skin. Sonya hissed the air through her teeth in excitement as Gwen squeezed the hard rosy nipple between her index and middle fingers. Jamie flicked the tip of his tongue lightly against Sonya's engorged clit. It was her turn to moan as she once again flooded his mouth with a hot squirt of her fuck juices. She couldn't help but fall forward into Gwen's arms. The two women held each other for dear life whilst the man between their legs ravished their quivering bodies. His cock continued to piston into Gwen's hungry little slit. The delirious female moaned and felt her brow brush against Sonya's. Soon after that Jamie heard a new source of hot sucking noises in the room and realised that the women had begun to make out. It had happened very suddenly. They had simply both opened their eyes at the same time and each had seen the look of questioning desire within the other's gaze. It had been

Sonya who moved first. Letting her lips touch Gwen's and inciting a revolution of desire in the woman. Neither of them had been particularly attracted to other women before but if it were not for Jamie pleasuring them so well they would likely have been all over each other in moments. Of course it was only because Jamie was making them take leave of their senses that they had touched in the first place. In any case almost as soon as Sonya's lips had nervously touched Gwen's a spark flew between them that ignited an inferno of forbidden passion within them. Their mouths crushed against one another, their tongues intertwining soon after. Their kiss was broken for a few moments when Jamie leaned his head back. After luring Sonya to the brink of another climax he licked all the way along her slit to let the tip of his tongue gently slide around her tight little asshole. Sonya gasped in surprise, tearing her mouth from Gwen's. "Fuck! He's licking my..." Yet she didn't get to finish explaining why she'd pulled away as her words trailed into a high pitched squeak and she came. Gwen saw the leggy blonde squirt her hot sticky fluids over Jamie's chest when she came. The lewd sight made her own slippery pussy walls once again clamp down around Jamie's shaft before trying to suck up his cum from an orgasm that never arrived. Since both of the women had just had a mind melting climax Jamie decided it was perhaps time for a break. After giving Sonya's lower lips a parting kiss he lifted his arms to gently scoot her over to the bed beside him. Gwen, who had been lost in the rhythm of their fucking, soon slumped over to the other side of the bed when she no longer felt his hips slamming against hers. "Oh. My. God." Gwen breathlessly exclaimed. "I know!" Sonya added between her own gasps. "I did good then?" Jamie asked in a playfully innocent tone. "Who needs a husband and a job anyway?" Gwen answered in a mixture of amusement and awe. "Well what if the husband was Jamie and the job was having him screw you from nine 'till five?" Sonya suggested before rolling onto her back and looking up at the ceiling. She was currently seeing stars floating about the roof. "Nine 'till five? I'd be a dead woman. Hell of a way to go though." Gwen answered. The woman gave a little laugh after that and Jamie and Sonya joined in with it. "I can't believe we just did that." It was Jamie's turn to speak up now. He spoke in a tone of pleasant surprise.

"I can't believe you haven't cum yet Jamie. We must have been going hard at it for half an hour there without as much as a pause in momentum." Gwen's eyes found themselves drawn to Jamie's cock. It was still pointing to the ceiling and awaiting further attention. The long thick shaft now glistened in the dim lights of the room with her sex juices. "I know! It's like the Neverending hard-on." Sonya said. "Well there's a disturbing take on a children's classic." Jamie chuckled. "Hey you two, I seriously just want to thank you for this. I don't know what the hell possessed me to come over here like I did but...Well you're both just amazing." Gwen turned on her side to face them both. Sonya lifted her head to look over Jamie at her. "It's alright. I mean if you'd have asked me yesterday if I'd share Jamie with another woman I'd have probably chased you with a large sharp object. Still, I wouldn't have thought I'd be making out with that same woman either." She blushed a little as she mentioned that. "I mean I've never really been..." "It's ok, me either." Gwen admitted. "It was just a thing we did." Yet as Jamie looked between the two women he had a strong suspicion that 'thing' would be happening again. "Hey you know if you want me to go sleep in Gwen's room and leave you two alone..." Jamie started. "NO!" They both shouted at once, horrified that he would even suggest such a thing in jest. "Well then it's nice to know I'm still loved." Jamie smiled up at the ceiling. "Damn right you are baby." He felt one of Sonya's arms wrap around his chest as she snuggled up next to him. Jamie saw Gwen looking at them both with something between apprehension and envy. Clearly the closeness and comfort he and Sonya had was something she very much wanted right then. Yet she didn't know if she was allowed to join the intimate embrace. He took the liberty of answering the un-spoken question by reaching out to pull Gwen up against his other side. She smiled across his broad muscular chest at Sonya who smiled back whilst he kissed the tops of their heads. "So what do we do now?" Gwen asked them both. "Well I was thinking of bending Sonya over the bed and..." Jamie started contemplating. "No silly." Gwen gave his chest a chiding pat. "I meant is tonight all we get?"

"Well we're going home to London tomorrow. Still if you want to take a break down south for a couple of weeks we could keep you entertained. Plus I'm sure we'd take your mind off of things. If it's alright with you sweet stuff?" He said turning to Sonya. "Sounds like a plan!" Sonya said. "Well I don't know. I mean I should be trying to find a new job and getting some other things in order." Gwen drew her lower lip between her teeth and nibbled it nervously. "Sure, you burst through the door and tackle my boyfriend to the ground. Then you have the time of your life fucking him whilst making out with me. Now you're picking this moment to have reservations about doing impulsive things?" Sonya said. She then started planting a series of light kisses along Jamie's skin. "Point taken." Gwen replied with a laugh as Jamie's smile widened at Sonya's words. "So what shall we do now?" "I like where Jamie was going with the 'bending Sonya over the bed' idea." The slim blonde said as her arm un-wrapped itself from Jamie's chest. He felt the gentle tantalizing touch of her fingertips as they slowly stroked down along his chest and over his waist. The familiar sensation of her hand wrapping around his cock and slowly starting so stroke up and down along its length was always an enjoyable one. "Mmm, I'm all for that baby." He grinned. Sonya needed little more encouragement. She sat up immediately and slipped off the silk nightgown from her slender shoulders along with her bra. Casting those long legs of hers over the side of the bed she stood up. Jamie drank in the sight of that firm round ass as she ran her hands down along her body. Completely naked now save for her new strappy high heels adorning her feet she was absolutely delectable to Jamie's eyes. He and Gwen watched as the angelic beauty turned and bent over to place her hands on the bed sheets. "Come and get it man 'o mine." She said whilst wiggling that perfectly curved ass. Jamie needed little enticing. The arm that was still holding Gwen to him gave her a brief affectionate little squeeze before he slipped out of her grasp. Gwen watched as his ever more appealing panther-like muscles gleamed with a light sheen of sweat in the dim lights. Sonya watched him walk around her before facing front and shutting her eyes tight in anticipation when he took his position behind her. Without a great deal to do right then Gwen found her fingertips tracing circles on her belly that were getting lower by the second. Not feeling the need to resist the urge she slid her fingers down between her legs and slowly started to stroke her steaming little sex. Jamie's cock gave an approving throb at the sight of Gwen fingering herself. His hands

reached down to grasp Sonya's hips as he positioned his thick bell shaped head at the entrance to her slit. She squeezed her thighs together for a moment before spreading out her legs a little wider. The movement gave Jamie the delightful feeling that her pussy lips were giving the tip of his cock a little kiss. Jamie's cock slowly parted those lips a moment later leaving him to sink into Sonya's warm wet depths. A light moan fluttered from her throat as her pussy squeezed his shaft. Her tightness was incredible and soon Jamie found himself buried to the hilt. "Oh Jamie baby, I love you so much!" The woman declared, her voice was low and husky. "I love you too Sonya." The unexpected utterance of devotion had warmed the boy's heart. The response was given in a tone that bordered on worship. Giving the gentle curves of her hips a light squeeze, Jamie then started to slowly release himself from her until her pussy tightened around the head of his cock. It felt to him as if it didn't want his member out of its warm wet sheath but the truth was Sonya had simply had a very light climax. She bit her lower lip to stifle a whimper as he sank all the way back inside of her. Finally once she had gotten used to him again they began slowly rocking their bodies against one another. Her ass met his crotch with a light smacking noise each time as the gorgeous female let out a series of ever more excited moans. Gwen, who was now far too horny to sit on the sidelines any longer sat up and unclasped her bra. As her full round D cup breasts bounced into view Jamie couldn't help but notice. He thrust into Sonya a little harder making the woman's eyes close tighter as she emitted a surprised squeak and her pussy clamped tight around his cock again when she came. Jamie continued to enjoy the view of Gwen's gorgeous rack. The soft olive skinned globes each were tipped with a dark little hardened nipple. She crawled across the bed to where Sonya was bent over and reached out to stroke her fingers through the woman's silky blonde hair. Sonya opened her eyes at the touch of the female and found herself eye level with those magnificent breasts. Again Jamie's cock pistoning inside her served to dull her inhibitions and her tongue flicked out to lick over one of Gwen's nipples. Gwen gasped at the touch; she'd been looking over Sonya's head at Jamie as he fucked the gorgeous blonde. The fleeting caress of Sonya's tongue was soon surpassed as the woman's mouth latched on to her breast and suckled on the soft warm globe. "Sonya!" Gwen exclaimed in surprise. The sight of his girlfriend sucking on the woman's tit made Jamie begin to fuck Sonya ever harder. Gwen gasped as Sonya lightly nipped her skin in her own sexual daze. After a while Sonya let Gwen's nipple pop from her mouth and moved her head over to suckle on her other. Since each time Sonya did something to Gwen it seemed to make Jamie fuck her harder she decided that going all the way was definitely the best course of action. Lifting one of

her hands from the bed she grabbed Gwen's shoulder and pushed her back on the bed. Then before the woman could finish her yelp of surprise Sonya lowered her head and buried her face between Gwen's legs. The other woman wiggled in shock as Sonya's warm pink tongue licked over her juicy little slit. "Sonya! For the love of God I...Ooooooh!" Gwen's protests were soon stifled by her moans of delight as Sonya's tongue found her clit. There were probably a lot of ways to come out as bisexual Gwen admitted, but this was definitely the best. The threesome soon escalated from there as Jamie began pounding Sonya's little pussy as hard as he could. Sonya started moaning and squealing into Gwen's cunt sending sweet vibrations through the woman's hot fuck flesh. Jamie looked down and watched his hips slapping against Gwen's ass. A thought occurred to him then and he immediately acted upon it. Lifting one hand from where it gripped Sonya's hip he reached beneath it to gently tease her clit. The resulting orgasm was so strong Sonya's back arched and her mouth raised up from Gwen's snatch to let out a scream of absolute ecstasy. After his fingers had gotten wet and slippery with Sonya's hot fuck juices Jamie pulled his hand away. Using his index finger he slowed down the furious pistoning of his hips and pressed gently against Sonya's little asshole. The tightness was unbelievable but it wasn't enough to stop his finger from piercing through the little ring to sink between those firm cheeks. "Jamie!" Sonya immediately gasped his name at the feel of the finger intruding inside her ass. Since he didn't want to hurt her he stopped pushing his finger inside of her and left it half buried within her butt. "Everything alright baby?" He asked as he once again started thrusting his cock harder inside her pussy. "Ooooh! Yeah Jamie, everything's..." She didn't get to finish speaking however as Jamie's finger slid all the way up inside of her. "FUCK!" She yelped in surprise. He could feel his cock sliding in and out of her gushing cunt through the thick membrane of flesh inside her bottom. "I can't believe you're letting him finger your ass Sonya!" Gwen commented in shock. Though from the look of awe she was giving the two lovers right then it seemed she was more tempted than surprised. "Mmmm!" Sonya licked her lips as she got used to the sensation of his finger filling her bottom and found that she rather liked it. "I hope he sticks more than his finger up there..." Turning her head to look at him over her shoulder, she sent him a very naughty

smile. Jamie smiled back at the sultry blonde and then slipped his length slowly out of her pussy. It popped out of her tight slit and sprung out into the open air slick with her fuck fluids. Holding his steel-hard length at its base he guided the tip up to slide between her ass cheeks. She felt the thickness of his cock pressing up against her asshole and tensed in nervous anticipation. Gwen saw her tensing her body and immediately sat up to run her hands up along Sonya's sides. Her mouth found the other woman's and their lips melted against one another in a searing kiss. Jamie felt Sonya relax against his touch and with a gentle firmness he pushed the head of his cock up against her asshole. For a long moment it seemed like his thick eight inches just wasn't going to fit. Then finally he gave one last little push and the tiny hole began to stretch open. Sonya moaned into Gwen's mouth at the invasion of her virgin bottom. Her hands clenched the bed sheets beneath her tightly. Jamie slowly sank inch by inch into her gorgeous ass. Her anal ring was now stretched obscenely around his cock. Gwen had slid her hand down beneath Sonya's body. Her fingers soon found the other woman's pussy and the combined sensation of her fingers with the intense feeling of Jamie's cock made Sonya cum with an almost violent intensity. A hot squirt of her fuck juices coated Gwen's hand as she renewed their passionate kiss. As the women made out so wantonly Jamie stuffed the last inch of his dick inside his woman's asshole. The tight clenching of her ass felt unbelievably good around his shaft. Sonya's mouth parted from Gwen's for a moment and she let out a little whimper. The feel of his cock stretching her ass and filling her was a little painful despite the intense feeling it was giving her. Jamie remained embedded deep within her for a long moment to allow her to adjust to the sensation. His hands reached beneath her to give her tits a little squeeze of encouragement. The whimper of uncertainty turned into a lusty moan of enjoyment as he did. Along with Gwen's fingers still diddling with her pussy Sonya was driven to dizzy heights of elation as her two lovers teased her body. Soon enough Jamie felt Sonya's ass wiggling against his hips sending electric sensations through his shaft. Deep inside her butt his cream had been trickling slowly from his shaft. The hot, sticky jism lubed her anal passage a little more and made the feel of his cock inside her far more pleasant. Within seconds the pain had numbed completely and there was only the incredible feeling of him so deep inside of her. When Jamie started to slowly slide himself out of her before filling her all over again she mewled like a kitten. When she started to push her ass back into him Jamie built up a steady rhythm that sent Sonya to ride wave after wave of orgasm. Before long Jamie was fucking her tight little asshole so hard that Gwen couldn't get close enough to Sonya to tease her. The way she was fucking back against Jamie was so wild and reckless. Jamie saw this and slid his cock all the way inside her tight passage once more before hooking his arms beneath Sonya's knees and lifting them up. The woman's back came to rest against his chest as he held her legs spread apart and raised her up completely off of the bed. His cock was still impaled in her ass and her arm reached around over her shoulder

to grasp the back of his head. She turned her own head and found herself looking up at him. Soon after that their mouths were crushed against each as she used her legs to make her ass bounce up and down, still impaled upon his shaft. Gwen watched the incredible display of strength on Jamie's part to fuck the woman so hard whilst her spread legs hooked over the arms that held her against him. She took the initiative and crawled to the side of the bed where Sonya was getting a vigorous ass fucking. With her back to Jamie's chest and her legs spread wide her glistening little pussy was left bare. Leaning forward, Gwen opened her mouth and let her tongue lick Sonya's well juiced little cunt. Jamie continued to make out with his euphoric lover. They continued to fuck, lick and suck for a long while. Gwen was soon fingering herself again, experiencing a number of delightful quivering climaxes. Eventually Jamie decided it was time to let himself sail over the edge and into his own roaring climax. Sonya's scream was muffled by Jamie's mouth as she felt the first squirt of his jism erupt deep inside her ass. She clamped her teeth down into his lower lip almost hard enough to draw blood before releasing it with a breathless gasp when she felt the second spurt fire deep into her belly. With her ass filled and her pussy being licked at once Sonya was riding high on a series of the most intense climaxes of her life. For Jamie the release of his balls into Sonya was sweet blissful ecstasy. His cock gushed four more streams of his hot cream deep inside her. The sticky jism soon started leaking from her asshole and dribbling down over his balls. Gwen was still licking Sonya's dripping pussy when she caught the intoxicating scent of Jamie's cum. She tentatively lowered her head and let her tongue lick up the cum that coursed its way down his balls. She came as soon as her tongue touched the first drop. The unnaturally delicious taste of Jamie's cum combined with its even more unnatural ability to send a woman into fits of thundering orgasms were facts that Gwen immediately chose to overlook. She didn't care if the stuff was brewed in his balls from concentrated cyanide, she was hungry for more! So then when Jamie lifted Sonya up and his cock slipped out of her asshole with a lewd little 'pop' Gwen's lips were wrapped around his shaft almost straight away. The taste of his cream and all the sensations it ignited within her were unbelievably good. "What the hell is this guy made out of!?" She thought to herself as she sucked a few dollops of spunk through his shaft that hadn't quite made it into Sonya's butthole. As Gwen continued to give Jamie a delectable blowjob he lowered the still shaking Sonya back down onto the bed. The poor woman seemed delirious though the big smile on her face told him otherwise.

"Sonya?" He said. "Are you alright?" "Yepimalgoodere. Gunasleepabit." She replied. After a moment of decoding those two words Jamie surmised that she was all good and was going to sleep for a little while. He could hardly blame her as he realized he was also quite tired from the long day. In fact if it weren't for the exotic beauty currently sucking his dick he'd likely have just fallen down next to Sonya and passed out until the morning. Looking down at Gwen he heard her moan and felt the vibrations of the sound pass through his cock. "Work. Work. Work." He thought to himself with a secret smile. He soon managed to pull Gwen's head from his shaft and she looked up at him in surprise. She'd expected to suck him off until he softened after that intense climax he'd just had with Sonya. When he gently pushed her shoulders back however she looked up to see what was wrong and saw he clearly had something in mind for her. Her eyes widened when she realized what it was and she looked down to his cock to see it hadn't softened one bit. "No fucking way." She whispered in awe. "Yes fucking way." Jamie replied with an amused tone. "Only if you want to of course..." "Want to!? Shit Jamie are you kidding!?" She immediately laid back on the bed and spread her stocking covered legs wide open for him. "Of course I want to. It's just...Ooooooh!" Jamie had wasted no time in climbing back on the bed and sinking that cock deep into her sheath once again. "Fuck! You're like Superman or something! I mean really this is putting a new meaning to the phrase 'man of steel.'" "Good, for a moment there I thought you were gonna say I was 'faster than a speeding bullet' or something." Jamie smiled down at her. Gwen's laughter finished as a series of soft moans as Jamie began to slowly fuck her waiting cunt. She'd wanted to ask him to put it up her ass but he felt so amazing inside her pussy she couldn't possibly bring herself to speak let alone ask him to switch holes. They fucked beside the snoozing Sonya for an hour. He took his time with her and explored Gwen's gorgeous curvy figure with his hands. Knowing that he could simply fuck her hard and whatever it was Allison did to him would make Gwen cum like a freight train was reassuring but it lacked finesse. The boy took his time to find out what made her whimper, moan and squeal with pleasure and enjoyed every minute of it. After a long deep kiss he told her he was about to cum. "No! Not there. Let me drink it instead." She said. At first when she'd heard him say he was about to cum inside of her all she could think of was a screaming kid nine months down the line. She'd simply said she'd prefer to finish him off with her mouth because it worked better than 'Not there, really, I like you a lot but a child on the way is soooooo not

the best thing for me right now.' After she'd said she wanted to drink up his cream though she realized that she really, really wanted to finish him off that way. Before she'd only been able to lick his sticky sweet jism from where it had leaked around his cock and suck the last few drops it was willing to give. She'd cum twice. Christ only knew what several mouthfuls would do to her but she sure as hell wanted to find out. Jamie quickly obeyed the woman's wishes and slid himself from her wet heat. Kneeling up on the bed, he watched as she lifted herself up to wrap her lips around the swollen head of his cock. As soon as he felt her tongue lick over the tip of his length he let himself go. Gwen moaned in pleasure at that incredible, inhuman taste as it rolled over her tongue. Then when she swallowed the first gulp of his cream her eyes shot open as a fierce climax wracked her body. Jamie watched as she arched her back sticking her cute tush in the air. Looking across from her at the mirrored closet he could see her own fuck juices beginning to drip from her cunt. His hands reached to grasp her hair and her shoulder as he instinctively thrust his hips whilst she slurped up his hot jism. After the last drop of his cum had been swallowed up by her hungry mouth her lips slid from around his cock and she fell back onto the bed to lie beside Sonya. Jamie looked at the exhausted pair. Sonya was now sleeping soundly whilst Gwen shivered and writhed in the afterglow beside her. Jamie was now quite tired himself and so he settled down to lay between the two women who were his for tonight at least. Sonya must have sensed him in her sleep as she rolled over to snuggle up against his side. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and did the same for Gwen who had mimicked Sonya's position on his opposite side. Then as they all lay over the top of the messy sheets, needing only the warmth of each other to keep comfortable through the night, Jamie fell asleep.

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