PR – Polyken – 004

Polyken® is a trademark of Covalence Corrosion Protection Group.

The Challenge:
To provide flexible pipe and fittings coating solutions to satisfy a variety of
applications in a Fossil Power Plant. The Young Heung Fossil Power Plant, state
owned has approx 11,000 m² (118,404 sq f) of pipe surface with straight pipe and
fittings of in-plant pipelines for cooling water. Various kinds of diameters of pipe and
fittings are from 1,800-2,800 mm (70-110”).

The Study:
In 2000, KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation) studied numerous options and
various coatings to meet the needs of the Power Plant. CTE, PE powder fusion and
PE tape coatings were all considered. The pipe manufacturer JeongWoo of Korea
was awarded the contract to provide the pipe. Additionally, after intensive study of
many coatings standards, KEPCO, and KOPEC (Korea Electric Power Engineering
Corp.) decided to follow Korean Standard D 8500, which is exactly the same as the
AWWA Standard C214. The D 8500 standard was chosen owing to a proven history
that PE coatings exhibit better performance versus CTE and PE powder fusion for
electrical, physical, chemical properties, protection against stray current and long
term in-ground performance. However, the thickness has been changed from a
minimum of 2.032 mm (80mils) to 3.55 mm (140mils) in order to protect against the
rigors of transport, back filling and in-ground service associated with heavy weight,
large diameter pipes.

The Solution:
Having selected a standard, KEPCO, and KOPEC then had to select a PE tape
coating system supplier with a proven track record of compliance with AWWA C214.
Again, after extensive evaluation of many systems, Polyken® Pipeline Coatings
were selected.

The Application:
Despite the fact that power application equipment would have been ideal, it could
not be made available within the tight delivery schedule. Consequently, all tape
wrapping was applied manually with maximum 152 mm (6”) wide tape to give better
tension. After shipping wrapped pipes, inspectors determined that the manually
applied coating is acceptable to meet the required quality as shown in the picture.
Project: Young Heung Fossil Fuel Power Plant
Product: Polyken 930-35 / 955-20
Pipe Diameter: inch
Owner: KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corp)
Country: Korea

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