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Forming the conditional tense

The conditional tense is used to talk about what would happen in the future:
Je regarderais la tl (I would watch TV)
To form the conditional tense, add the imperfect endings to the future stem:
Regarder --> je regarderais (I would watch)
Finir --> tu finirais (you would finish)
Prendre --> il/elle/on prendrait (he/she/it would take)
Manger --> nous mangerions (we would eat)
Partir --> vous partiriez (you would leave)
Vendre --> ils/elles vendraient (they would sell)
Irregular verbs and the conditional tense
The same verbs as the future are irregular:
aller --> ir --> j'irais (I would go)
avoir --> aur --> j'aurais (I would have)
tre --> ser --> je serais (I would be)
faire --> fer --> je ferais (I would do)
pouvoir --> pourr --> je pourrais (I would be able to)
devoir --> devr --> je devrais (I would have to)
savoir --> saur --> je saurais (I would know)
venir --> viendr --> je viendrais (I would come)
voir --> verr --> je verrais (I would see)
vouloir --> voudr --> Jj voudrais (I would like)
When to use the conditional tense
The conditional is often used to say what would happen if something else occurred:
Si j'tais riche, j'achterais une grosse voiture (If I were rich, I would buy a big car)
It's also used to talk about intentions or ambitions:
Je voudrais tre docteur (I would like to be a doctor)
J'aimerais aller en Australie (I would like to go to Australia)