World Day for Prevention of Ch Abuse – 19 Nove W y hild e ember, “Child Par rticipation in Prevent ting Abuse and

Viole e ence against Ch hildren”
Abuse agains women and girls is on the rise in Cambodia, acc A st d cording to a government r g report release in Novemb of 2008. Nearly one f ed ber fourth of all females in C Cambodia ha suffered from domes ave stic violence. Moreover, young girls h y have increasin ngly become t targets of sex xual assault, a according to the most rec t cent Cambodi Gender A ian Assessment Survey, also released in S 2008. The re 2 eport, release by the Mi ed inistry of Wo omen's Affairs, said the growing use of drugs and alcohol by m was leadin to malicio behavior g men ng ous against femal Cambodian The repo also said th more than half of all le ns. ort hat n wom felt dom men mestic violenc was justified in some c ce cases in what it called “a m mentality of passive accep p ptance” that has prevented ef s fforts to end t problem. As a result, SSF believes that increas education and stop hun the sed n nger are the most important factors in cha f anging the atti itudes that all attacks on women and children to g unreported low n d go d. Alt though in the last decade, great progre has been m ess made around the world to inform peop about the realities of o ple chil abuse, last year SSF wa one of only five organiz ld as y zations in all o Cambodia took the opp of portunity to re ecognize the wor rldwide Child Abuse Prev d vention day on November 19th. While the other gr o r e roups focused primarily on writing to d n politicians, SSF has approach it on a co hed ommunity lev where und vel, derstanding o what consti of itutes as child abuse is at d am minimum. Alt though nearly everyone re y ecognizes that violence aga t ainst children is wrong, m n many parents a children and do not understa the emot and tional harm i inflicted on c children through other fo orms of abuse that are no as easily ot reco ognized.

Small gr roup discussio about defin on nitions and ter rms of child, c child rights an abuse on 19 November 2 nd 9 2008 at SS compound. SF .


nducted befor the all day educational session, SSF concluded that 95 per c re y l F cent of the p participating In a pretest con ldren did not know or un t nderstand the meaning of words and terms, “child child right child resp e f d, ts, ponsibilities, chil dom mestic violenc and abuse whilst the other 5 per ce were unsu of their m ce, e”, ent ure meanings. Wh asked abo domestic hen out violence, most participants c p could only give us answe relating to physical vi ers o iolence or ab buse such as hitting and bea ating etc. The concept of different fo eir orms of abuse such as emo e otional harass sment and chi neglect was minimal. ild Thr roughout the day, the 45 p participating children met in small gro t oups in an att tempt to defin and better understand ne imp portant concepts and criter of child ab ria buse. At the s same time, eq focus wa placed on informing the children of qual as i e thei rights and r ir responsibilitie as children in a family. es n SSF believes tha every child has the righ to live with F at d ht hout fear of th parents o guardians, and that ever child has heir or ry the right to earn an education These are both ideas th are not cu n n. hat urrently preva alent in Camb bodia, especia in rural ally area that suffer from a gener lack of ed as ral ducation. Vio olence can hav severe imp ve plications for children’s de evelopment. In t most seve cases, it can lead to d the ere c death or injur however it can also af ry, i ffect children’s health, the ability to eir lear and even their willingn to go to s rn, t ness school at all. Vio olence destroy children’s self-confiden and can u ys nce undermine the ability to b good paren in the futu a major eir be nts ure, fact contributi to the pe tor ing erpetuation of domestic vi f iolence all ov the world By seekin to increase awareness ver d. ng e participated abo the realitie of child ab out es buse and dom mestic violenc SSF hope that the 45 children and adults who p ce, es d this past year in Child Abuse Prevention d will serve as role mod for the res of the community, while SSF plans s e day e dels st e to expand upon last year’s su e uccess this com ming Novemb ber. In the words of Licad Spokesman Vann Soph “What a w do n, hat, chil needs to do he says, “ go to scho and gain k ld o,” “is ool knowledge to become a we ell-educated citizen for the country in c e the future.”’

Participated children were took th photo with 19 November logo provided. n he r


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