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Use the most suitable tense (PRESENT, PAST, or PRESENT

1) I usually (go) to school by bus.
2) Yesterday morning I (get) up at 6.30.
3) We needed some money so we (sell) our car.
) ! she e"er (be) to #pain$!
%) !What &eter (do) now$!
6) &lease don't ma(e so much noise. I (study).
)) Water (boil) at 100 degrees *elsius.
+) *arol o,ten (learn) with her ,ather.
-) .ow /on (phone) 0ill again. It (be) the third time he
(phone) her this e"ening.
10) It (rain) now. It (begin) raining two hours ago. #o it
(rain) ,or two hours.
11) you (hear) ,rom 1om.
12) ! it (rain)$! she always (as() me.
13) ! you (go) out last night.!
1) .ew Yor( (be) one o, the largest cities o, the world.
1%) 1his house (cost) 3%.000 pounds in 1-+0.
Use the most suitable tense (PRESENT, PAST, or PRESENT
1. Lend me your rubber. I (make) a mistake and (want) to rub
it out.
2. I (see) you yesterday. You (drink) ginger beer at a cafe. But
you (not see) me.
3. I (go) to Portugal fie years ago. !ince t"en I (not s#eak)
Portuguese$ and (forget) nearly all I (learn) t"ere.
%. (You read) Pickwick Pa#ers& I (begin) t"e book last week
and ('ust finis") it.
(. I (go ) to t"e )oo tomorrow. (You eer be) t"ere& Yes$ I
(be) t"ere last !unday. I (go) nearly eery weekend.
*. I "ear you ('ust get) married. +"en (t"e ceremony take)
,. +e (go) to t"e -alley of .ocks last !unday. +"ile we (eat)
our lunc" t"ere a man (fall) from t"e rocks and ("urt) "is
"ead. +e (take) "im to t"e "os#ital in our car$ and (be) to see
"im twice since t"en. /e (get) better now.
0. /ello$ w"o (you bring) wit" you& (/e "ae) su##er yet& 1o$
"e (not "ae) . +e usually ("ae) su##er at eig"t$ but 2ary
(not finis") yet. !"e (still eat) in t"e dining3room. /e (not
meet) 2ary$ and s"e (not know) "im$ so take "im in$
introduce "im and gie "im somet"ing to eat.
4. +"at (you look for) & I (lose) my #urse near "ere and
(want) to find it before it (get) dark. +"en (you lose)
it& I t"ink t"at I (dro#) it w"en I (go) to sc"ool t"is
15. I (look) at your #"otogra#"s w"ile you (be) out. (You like)
t"em& 6"ey (be) not ery good.