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1. Match the following phrasal verbs with their meanings:

1 get at a recover from
2 get away with b avoid
3 get by c suggest / imply
4 get down d find time for
5 get on e make contact with
6 get out of f persuade
7 get over g depress
8 get round h escape punishment
get round to i be on friendly terms
1! get through " manage / survive
1 4 7 1!
2 5 8
3 6
2. $ow choose the appropriate phrasal verb to complete the following
Ive been so busy that I just havent ______________ answering your letter Im afraid!
"rankly I dont know how he ______________ on the small amount he earns!
#e nearly always managed to ______________ doing the heavy work by pretending he had a bad
$onsidering how little theyve got in common its surprising how well they ___________________
#ows your mother% #as she _________________ her operation yet%
&id you phone your solicitor% 'o I couldnt ________________ the line was engaged!
The job itself is well paid and interesting but commuting to the $ity every day really
____________ me ____________ !
Its no use trying to ___________ him ____________ with charm! (nce hes made up his mind he
never changes it!
I cant see )uite what youre __________________ ! $ould you be a bit more specific%
*o hes finally been arrested for ta+ fraud! Im surprised he managed to ___________________ it
for so long!
#nswer %e&:
, c
- h
. j
/ g
0 i
1 b
2 a
3 f
4 d
,5 e
, got round to
- gets by
. get out of
/ get on
0 got over
1 get through
2 gets me down
3 get him round
4 getting at
,5 get away with