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Russell Hicks Middle School

New Student Magnet Open House
Meet the Team
Deron Crawford (Principal)

Ginger Scally (6
grade magnet social studies)
Megan Sakadales (6
grade magnet English language arts)

Crystal Drexel (7
grade magnet social studies/coordinator)
Katie Harris (7
grade magnet English language arts)

Amanda Baran (8
grade magnet social studies)
Hannah Vann (8
grade magnet English language arts)

Kevin Tressler (7
grade English language arts/
Technology and Humanities Enrichment Specialist)
The ERH Magnet Program
Academic Coursework
Magnet English Language Arts
Magnet Social Studies
Merit Science*
Merit Math*
*Some exceptions may apply
Related Arts Coursework
World Languages -Band -Performing Arts
Art -Orchestra -Tech. Ed.
Physical Education -Chorus
Enrichment Opportunities
Technology -Continuation of the MD Writing
Art Project

Merit vs. Magnet

Accelerated learning

Direct instruction with
independent learning

Multiple short-term

instruction is encouraged
when feasible
Compacted county curriculum
that allows for technology
and humanities enrichment

William and Mary Curriculum

Student centered learning
with less direct instruction

Fewer long-term assignments

Cross-curricular instruction
is routine and happens

Academic Interventions Media Technology Special Opportunities
Accelerated and compacted
county curriculum
Cross-curricular lessons
Magnet specific texts
-The Norton Anthology
-The Hobbit
-Animal Farm
Implementation of 21st
Century Learning Skills
Teacher Creativity Training
Higher Order Teaching
- Socratic Seminars
- Philosophical Chairs
Facilitated Learning
Arts Infusion
William and Mary Units
Jacobs Ladder strategies

Wireless laptop labs for
each grade level
Digital and video cameras
Promethean interactive
boards, slates, and dual
user pens
CPS clicker systems
Podcast software
Video conferencing tools
Photostory, movie maker,
Excessive use of internet
based creativity tools
One to one iPads
MacBook class set
Advanced morning
announcement equipment
Focus on college and
career readiness
Numerous extracurricular
learning opportunities
- Smithsonian Interactive Dig
- 150
Anniversary of the
Battle of Antietam
- Medieval Times
- College Visits
- Holocaust Museum
- Museum of Natural History
- Museum of American
Access to Washington
CountyTechnical High
School Media Programs
Sixth Grade Magnet

A commonality among many magnet texts is the
theme, a hero experiencing a journey or quest.

Students read excerpts from the advanced level
text The Norton Anthology: World Masterpieces.
Additionally, students will read other novels that
will support the curriculum.

Completion of various independent mini projects
which integrate research, art, reading, writing,
and technology.

Field trips to curriculum based sites such as:
Museum of Natural History (Forensic Anthropology
Seventh Grade Magnet

William and Mary Unit (1940s)

Use of various informational text of a historical
Video diary creation of Holocaust victim/survivor

Novelists that focus on various cultures or time
Chaucer, Bodeen, Barrie

Poets who write in various forms.

Compacted county social studies curriculum with a
focus on cross curricular instruction.

Integration of the Humanities in literature and non-fiction.
Multimedia Projects
Socratic Seminars
Visual Thinking Strategies
William & Mary
Utopia Unit
Threads of Change in 19
Century American Literature Unit

We The People
Document Based Questions
Debates & Town Hall Meetings

Daily integration with technology and multi-media
Cross Curricular lesson planning

Eighth Grade Magnet
Summer Assignment

All middle school magnet students in Washington
County are expected to complete a summer assignment

The purpose of the assignment is to prepare the
student for the rigor of the class, front load
necessary knowledge, and establish an overall theme
for instruction.

Summer assignments will be collected at the start of
the school year and will counted in the marking period
one grade.

Any student whose home school is not E. Russell Hicks
Middle School must enroll here.

Enrollment Requirements
Biological parent must enroll child
WCPS enrollment form
WCPS program attendance agreement
Proof of residency

Enrollment must be complete by July 15, 2014

*Call 301-766-8110 for additional information