Kalispell, Montana Metis Scrip Claims

Deschamps, Francois; heir to his deceased daughter, Nancy Deschamps; claim no. 1392;
born: 1883 at rince !lbert; died: 188" at #algary; address: Callisfell, Montana
; $ather:
Francois Deschamps %&'tis and deponent(; mother: )irginie Deschamps %&'tis(; scrip
cert.: $orm D, no. 13"*
Deschamps, +oseph; address: Callisfell, Montana; claim no. 1391; born: +anuary, 18,9
at -dmonton, !lberta; $ather: Francois Deschamps %&'tis(; mother: )irginie Deschamps
%&'tis(; scrip cert.: $orm #, no. 9.8
/ightning, #hristiana; $or her deceased son, 0illiam +ames /ightning; claim no. 1,31;
address: Black Mud; born: 1881 at -dmonton; died: 189" at Callasphille, Montana;
$ather: +ohn /ightning dit #laire %&'tis and deponent(; scrip cert.: $orm D, no. 1*92 and
heir(; mother: #hristiana 2ladu %&'tis and deponent(; scrip cert.: $orm D, no. 1*92.
&ichel -melia; address: Callispelle, Montana; born: 18,2 at /acombe; $ather: Francois
3runeau %&'tis(; mother: )ictoire 4acette %&'tis(; scrip cert.: $orm #, no. 1.1.; claim
no. 1*89.
#ompiled and edited by /a5rence 3ar65ell
#oordinator o$ &etis 7eritage and 7istory 4esearch
/ouis 4iel 8nstitute
9he name :alispell is a ;alish 5ord meaning <$lat land abo=e the la6e<. /ocated in a =alley, :alispell is
31 miles %1. 6m( $rom 2lacier National ar6.

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