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Power Point Ribbons

Home Ribbon & Design Ribbon

Home Ribbon
The First Group : CLIPBOARD
The Clipboard Section has:
Paste Option
Places copied or cut materials such as
text, graphs or pictures in a presentation
Cut Option
Removes the object from the
presentation and pastes it into another
Copy Option
Copies an object so you can put it onto
another presentation, but leaves the original
object in its place
Format Painter Option
Copies text formatting
Paste Special-
Allows you to paste information while maintaining your
original formatting when pasting from another document
Duplicate makes a copy of
whatever it is that you are copying
The extended section of the Clipboard
group gives you a view of what it is you
have copied or cut and options as to
what you want to do with them
The Slides Section has:

New Slide
adds a slide to your presentation

changes the layout of your slide

Resets the position, size, and
formatting of the slide placeholders to
their default settings
organizes your slides into sections

The Font Section has :
Font Changes the style of your text

Font Size Changes the size of your text

Increase/Decrease Font Size Quicker, general way to change the size of
your font

Clear All Formatting removes all formatting leaving unformatted text

Bold makes text bolder (thicker)

Italic makes text italicized (slant)

Underline underlines the text

Text Shadow adds a shadow behind selected texts

Strikethrough Crosses something out by drawing a line through it

Character Spacing adjust the space between characters

Change Case changes the case of text to lowercase, uppercase, etc

Font Color changes the color of your text

The Paragraph Section has :
Bullets Creates a bulleted list

Numbering Creates a numbered list

Increase/Decrease List Level Increases the indent level

List Spacing controls how much space between the lines of text

Align Left aligns content to left

Center centers content

Align Right aligns content to right

Justify distribute your text evenly between the margins

Add/Remove Columns choose width and spacing of columns

Text Direction changes the orientation of text to vertical, stacked, or
rotate it to your desired direction

Align Text changes how your text is aligned with your text box

Convert to SmartArt converts text on presentation to SmartArt graphics
The Drawing Section has :
Insert Shapes inserts text, shapes, and more into

Arrange arrange objects on slide by changing their order,
position, rotation

Shape Quick Styles adds visual styles to shapes/outlines

Shape Fill fill selected shape with solid color, picture,
gradient, texture

Shape Outline change width, color, line style for the
outline of your shape

Shape Effects apply a visual effect to the selected shape,
like a shadow, glow, reflection, or 3-D rotation

The Drawing Section has :
Find find/replace text using advanced search options

Replace search for text you would like to replace with
something else

Select select texts or objects in your document

Design Ribbon
The Themes Section has :
Themes several PowerPoint designs with unique sets of
colors, fonts and effects that give the presentation a different
overall look

Browse for Themes look for themes saved either on your

Save Current Themes allows you to save themes

The Variants Section has :
Variants customize the look of the current design

Color changes the color scheme of the presentation

Fonts changes font of the presentation

Effects changes effects of the presentation

Background Styles allows you to change background

The Customize Section has :
Slide Size change the size of the slides
-(Standard vs. Widescreen)

Format Background allows you to customize/change

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