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512.944.0957 |AEA|
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Height: !"# Weight: "#lbs Voice: Tenor $E%&B'(
)E* +OR,
PAINS OF YOUT H Freder Access Theatre Katie L!ica
"O#$%Y OF $&&O&S Antipholus of Ephesus S'(r)s a'* Pi's +i,,ia' &i,e-
#A% .$AT HIP / +ON$ Danny 0A"H Theatre Ste1e' %iet2
HA&3$Y Sanderson 0A"H Theatre %a1e Stea),e-
FI&$FLY 45(r)sh(!6 Maddox H-*e Par) Theatre Ke' 7e8ster
FLYIN+ Snowstorm .rea)i'9 Stri'9 Theatre +raha: Sch:i*t
;U.IL$$ ompany &88er &e!ert(r- ;(sh #e-er
HILL "OUNT&Y UN%$&.$LLY E!an Pa!er "hairs %sti' 7i,,s
.AAL "ohannes Pa!er "hairs %sti' 7i,,s
OTH$& %$S$&T "ITI$S #ripp Asti' P,a-h(se %(' T('er
"H$SS Freddie Asti' P,a-h(se #ichae, #cKe,1e-
TH$ FANTASTI"KS Matt Asti' P,a-h(se %(' T('er
#AN OF LA #AN"HA Sancho $an%a Asti' P,a-h(se %(' T('er
PATT$&N NATION< 7A3$S yan ircle P(,,-a''a Theatre "(:!a'- ;*- "a:!8e,,
%AY .OY NI+HT +I&L $hotogen %A= Theatre "(,,ecti1e Heather H99i's
P$$& +YNT $eer St. $*5ar*s U'i1ersit- $1 L''i'9 ;r.
PA&A%$ &oung Soldier St. $*5ar*s U'i1ersit- $1 L''i'9 ;r.
"LOU% 9 Harry'athy St. $*5ar*s U'i1ersit- %a1i* L('9
#A".$TH Donal(ain St. $*5ar*s U'i1ersit- %a1i* L('9
"Y&ANO %$ .$&+$&A" Val!ert'ar(on St. $*5ar*s U'i1ersit- #iche,,e P(,9ar
&IN+ &OUN% TH$ #OON Hugo'Frederic St. $*5ar*s U'i1ersit- "hristi #((re
.AT .OY )at )oy S::er St(c) Asti' %a1i* 3a,*es
S7$$N$Y TO%% Sweeney #odd S::er St(c) Asti' #ichae, #cKe,1e-
%IS$N"HANT$% 4Pi,(t6 Hunter *lead+ NeS!ace"hrch Pr(*cti('s +a,e' "hrch
>O?@cia, Se,ecti('< Ne5 Y(r) Te,e1isi(' Festi1a, 201A
>.est 7riti'9 A5ar*< Ne5 Y(r) Te,e1isi(' Festi1a, 201A

.I+ &$% "erry *lead+ &ea, N(r:a, Kir) ;(h's('
ST. E2*AR2S U)./ERS.T+
BA T3EATRE & Acting Em45asis
3(ice B %r. Kare' A,8rechtC%r. #ichae, #cKe,1e-
;a22 B &(8i' Le5isC%a''- Her:a'C&(c)er 3erastiDe
.a,,et B ;err- #cLa9h,i'
Sta9e "(:8at B %a1i* ;. .ri::er
L(5 Tra!e2e B %a1i* L('9
Acti'9 4"he)h(1E S2)iE #eis'erE %r(2'i'6 B $1 L''i'9 ;r.E Shei,a +(r*('E %a1i* L('9E Heather H99i's
.ritishE S(ther'E Irish *ia,ectsE .asic Sta9e "(:8at 4'ar:e* a'* ra!ier6E 5a,)i'9 (' the t(!s (? the F(i'ts (? :- t(esE Y(9aE Gi
+('9E L(5 Tra!e2eE s5i::i'9E s(ccerE s)ate8(ar*i'9E ?((t8a,,E si'9i'9E ,a9hi'9E 1a,i* *ri1ers ,ice'seE ca' *ri1e :a'a,
tra's:issi('E 8as)et8a,,E 8a,,etE Fa22E sh((ti'9 riHesCha'*9'sE 8asic 9itarE *(i'9 8asic tas)s 5ith :- ?eet