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We are the leading service providers in BTS outdoor and indoor work:

Fixing of cable ladder for supporting
Outdoor work consists of fixing of RF antenna and Microwave antenna
Routing of cables
Ground / Earthing
Alignment of Antenna as per specifications

Installation of Radio Base Station (RBS)
Installation of Tx. Rack
Fixing of cable ladder
Grounding of equipments
Installation of rectifier and battery bank
Site Maintenance
(Preventive, Corrective and Breakdown maintenance of the Electrical equipments in the Cell
Sites )
BTS Cell Site Maintenance
Battary Bank

Civil Works
We undertake all types of civil works pertaining to telecom sites like
Foundation works of Roof top towers along with shelter and DG foundations.
Foundation works of Ground based towers along with shelter and DG foundations.
Any peripheral works like boundary wall, fencing works, guard room, toilets, approach road etc.

Civil Works - Installation & Commissioning
BTS (Base Transceiver Station)
Diesel Generator Engine
Diesel Generator Alternator
PMU (Power Management Unit)
Fire Alarm System
Electrical Installation
Integrated Panel
Air Conditioner Unit(s)
Lightning Arrester
Aviation Lamp(s)
AC & DC Power Supplies
Fire Extinguishers
Tower / Mast / Pole