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SupporL Lll's creaLlon of even more Lools Lo enhance prlvacy and securlLy onllne by becomlng

a member Loday! https:]]][o|n

Stop Creepy Cn||ne 1rack|ng w|th r|vacy 8adger
Some compan|es qu|et|y track you as you browse the web,
recordlng whaL webpages you vlslL, for how long, and more-even
lf you've opLed ouL by uslng uo noL 1rack!

r|vacy 8adger |s a browser add-on that automat|ca||y stops
these "th|rd-party" trackers. 1o Lhe Lrackers, lL's llke you
suddenly dlsappeared from Lhe web.

r|vacy 8adger |s d|fferent from other add-ons llke ulsconnecL, Ad-8lock lus, and
ChosLery because rlvacy 8adger focuses on blocklng Lracklng, noL blocklng ads (Lhough
some ad-blocklng may occur lf Lhe Lracker ls acLually an adverLlser.)
now Does r|vacy 8adger Work?
As you browse Lhe web, rlvacy 8adger observes whlch Lhlrd-parLy sources ask Lo load
posslble Lracklng conLenL ln your browser.

lf Lhe same source shows up repeaLedly across mulLlple dlfferenL webslLes asklng your
browser Lo seL unlque Lracklng cookles, rlvacy 8adger flags LhaL source and Lells your
browser noL Lo load any more conLenL from lL.

When your browser sLops loadlng conLenL from a source, LhaL source can no longer
Lrack you. volla-you're now free from creepy Lracklng.
Get r|vacy 8adger 1oday!
V|s|t https:]]]pr|vacybadger Lo download rlvacy
8adger for Chrome or llrefox, or Lo learn more.

Also check ouL our oLher awesome add-on, n11S Lverywhere.