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Giacomo Balla was one of the very founders of

futurism. He was one of the people to sign the very

first futurist manifesto. He and a few others all had
the same idea of depicting something with
movement. Balla is most known for his commitment
to futurism. Because most of futurism ended in the
First World War but Balla went even deeper and
came to abstract and then towards figuration.
Dog on a leash
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To me Giacomo Balla is a very persevering man
as he pushed the boundary of Futurism to
abstract and even more. About his work, it is
very dynamic just as all the other pieces of
Futurism but this time it makes out a picture I
can see unlike the other puzzling ones.
Abstract Speed and Sound
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He was one of the founders of Futurism
He signed in the very first futurism manuscript
He created abstract
He adapted from Vitruvius
His pieces of art can mostly depict something unlike a lot of other
futurism pieces
His most famous piece of art is his abstract speed and sound.