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We propose to design a tanker aircraft for mid-air refueling of military aircraft. It

will have a higher subsonic cruise Mach number and longer range and be able to operate at
higher altitudes compared to existing tanker aircraft. This design is a response to the new
joint-strike-fighter designs that will have a limited range and, therefore, will need frequent
air refueling to extend its operating radius. The HP-42 will also be convertible to a cargo or
troop transport to add to its versatility.
The proposed characteristics of the HP-42, along with those of the Ilyushin Il-78
tanker, are given in the following table. The principle design drivers will be higher range,
higher cruise speed and comparable cost.

Proposed characteristics of the HP-42 versus those of the Il-78
Proposed Characteristics HP-42 MRTT Ilyushin Il-78
Cruise Mach Number 0.75 0.714
Cruise Altitude (m) 10,668 10,668
Maximum Ceiling (m) 13,716 12,039
Max. Take-Off Weight (kg) 3,00,000 2,10,000
Empty Weight (kg) 1,00,000 72,000
Range (km) 4,500 3,012
Take-Off Distance (m) 3,000 2,700
Landing Distance (m) 1,500 1,000
Wing Loading (kg/sq. m) 700 700