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Ants are very amazing

animals: Their features are
impossible to count. I tried
to write the most amazing
Some ants can support 100
times their own weight
stand upside down on glass.
Ants mae up ten percent of the total world animal number. The animal
with the largest brain in proportion to its size is the ant. Ants are
omnivore! in other words they eat both meat and plant. "early all ants you
see in the wild are female. #ale ants! don$t do any wor in the colony! they
don%t loo lie ants! and only live for a few months.
Their one &ob is to fertilize a princess. A princess is
an ant which is going to be a 'ueen. Some ant
species are ase(ual! they clone themselves. Ants can
be found on every continent accept Antarctica.
)orers only live for about *+,-0 days! but a
colony$s 'ueen can live up to .0 years. And when she
dies! the colony can only survive a few months after
that. /very ant colony has its own smell. Slave,
maing ants mae slaves in two ways. A 'ueen may go
to a nest of a similar ant species and ill the
resident 'ueen. She taes over the nest and uses the worers to bring up
her own eggs. The other way in which the slave,maing occurs is that
worers from a slave,maing ant colony will steal other nests of
their larvae and pupae and raise them as slave worers. Ants can farm
aphids. Some ants can swim. Some ants can
survive around 0* hours underwater. Ants
from different colonies can be enemies. They
may fight. The winners may invade the
defeated colony and carry off their young for
food or for maing slaves. There are over
10!000 nown different species of ants.