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About the CDROM

The CDROM included with this book contains the following:

Scripts.msi: Complete scripts for each chapter and additional scripts
o Additional Scripts include
Addvavbs: Sample script that demonstrates addition of two
AvailableDiskspace!s " AvailableDiskSpacevbs: Scripts that
displa# the available disk space on the C drive
$cho!s: %script script showing how to echo information
&irstvbs: $choes Date' Time and a message
(ist)ropertiesvbs: *M+ script that writes the properties of a
specified class of C+M,- namespace
(ist)ropertiesAnd,alueswsf: *M+ script that writes the
properties of a spefied class of C+M,- name space The script is
created as a *S& file as compared to the (ist)ropertiesvbs script
OperatingS#stemvbs: *rites specified properties to a te.t file
S*AT/0wsc: The common component with several functions that
can be called in scripts
S*AT/0hta: The sample file that demonstrates how to add and
use S*AT/0wsc component in #our scripts
Programs Folder: +ncludes Script Store application installation files
Minimum Requirements: A )entium class s#stem running *indows -111'
*indows 2) or *indows -113 Minimum of 01 M4 &ree space