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Our Anoi xi

by Ariadni Voskaki B2
Anoixi (formerly known as Bogiati) is part of the municipality of Dionysus in Attiki
along with !t" !tephen Drosia Dionysus #rioneri $odopoli and
!tamata" Anoixi has a population of
%&'( people an area of )%*2 km
an altitude of &(+ m"
,he -illage of Anoixi belonged until .'.2
to the then enlarged municipality of
/arathon" ,hat year it 0oined the newly formed community of
Afidne" 1n .'&' Anoixi separated from Afidne and 0oined the !t"
!tephen community and from .'%& was an independent community"
,he community of Anoixi was recogni2ed as a municipality in
2++(" 3ith the implementation of the pro0ect #allikratis from
4anuary . 2+.. Anoixi 0oined the
municipality of Dionysus"
1n the past Anoixi was called Bogiati"
After the reconstruction of the
neighbouring !t" !tephen which was
originally named 5ew Bogiati Anoixi was
named Old Bogiati to be differentiated from the nearby
-illage" ,he name Old Bogiati lasted until .'%) when the area was
renamed as Anoixi"
Anoixi was built on gently sloping ground resulting in
a significant height difference between the settlement
areas" ,he eastern and southern part of Anoixi is a
mountain with an altitude of &6+7)++m" Because of the relati-ely
high altitude and proximity to /ount 8enteli the climate
during the winter months is 9uite cold" ,he area is
fre9uently affected by hea-y
snowfall as happened in 4anuary
2++2 in :ebruary 2++) in
4anuary 2++6 in :ebruary 2++*
in December 2+.+ and in /arch 2+.." ,he summer climate is
sufficiently cool that hot days are few (o-er &2
;)" 1n recent
years citi2ens of Anoixi ha-e seen a significant increase in heat and gradual reduction
of cold in the area"
!ee also< http<==en"wikipedia"org=wiki=Anixi
5o-ember 2+.& >dition 2 2+cents
,he /al tese :al con
5ot a film not a book but a
yacht? One of the fanciest
most luxurious""""page 2
>ngli sh -s" @reek
>nglish and @reek ha-e a lot of
similar phrases""""see page 2
8olytechnio Day
"On :riday 5o-ember .%th our
school celebrated in remembrance
of the students"""see page )
;AA,$OO/ ,heatre ,ri p
On ,hursday 5o-ember (th our
school went on a trip to the Art
,heatre""""see page )
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,he ;olosseum
by ;hristian !alis
,he ;olosseum is $ome s most famous
site and tourist attraction" 1t is a truly
impressi-e structure" Aowe-er the $omans
were occupied by things other than its
magnificence" Cnlike the present7day -isitor
they went to the ;olosseum for a -ery
particular kind of entertainment" 3ork began
on the structure in AD (+ and lasted for
almost twel-e years" >ach le-el of seats were
used by persons of different rank" 5ear the
arena in the centre of the ;olosseum were
boxes and seats for the >mperor his family
and other high7ranking officials" ,here were
special entrances for the more pri-ileged"
>ighty archways pro-ided access to the
amphitheatre four of which could only be used
by the >mperor" Beneath the arena were a
network of corridors and rooms where wild
beasts and
humans in cages
were held" ,here was
also a lift operated
by an elaborate
system of weights"
,he arena was a
flat space co-ered
with sand to soak
up the blood of the -ictims" A sophisticated
de-ice was used to flood parts of the arena
for the mock sea battles" A group of sailors
was stationed around the building to gi-e
shade to the spectators by using a huge
canopy" Due to the gladiators fights to death
and other appalling sights we rarely see the
;olosseum in a positi-e light"
>ngli sh -s" @reek
by 5iki Dinardou
>nglish and @reek ha-e a lot of similar phrases"
Aere are some examples<
,o call a spade a spadeE

,o be at a lossE'
At any rateE '
,o be all earsE
,o come to lightE
,o let off steamE ! "#
,o be in a tight spotE $ "
1tFs raining cats and dogsE
,he /al tese :alcon
by Ducy #otsiopoulou (>ditor)
5ot a film not a book but a 2)++m
yacht? One of the
fanciest most luxurious charter -essel in existence and it is staying at
:aliro for maintenance up to 4anuary"
1t is e9uipped with lots of toys and tenders such as 0et skis
windsurfers a swimming pool and a
water slide" ,he :alcon also has -arious
entertainment facilities like a gym a
complete DVD selection and a open air
cinema on the deck using the sails if
weather permits" 1t also has uni9ue
rotating masts and sails"
,he boat is owned by >lena
Ambrosiadou and was built by 8erini
5a-i" 1t is a-ailable for hire at &%++++ a week which is about .()
for % minutes?
As mentioned before at the moment it is staying in :lis-os in
:aliro so go and see it while you can? (1tFs worth it?)
:or more information -isit< http<==www"symaltesefalcon"com=
!trange !ports
by @iorgos 8rotopapas
,oe 3restling<
,oe wrestling is a sport that began in a Derbyshire pub (C#)" ,he
players who participate in this
sport must not wear socks"
,hey try to keep the toes of
their ri-al motionless for &
seconds" 1n .''( the fans of
toe wrestling tried to make this
sport an Olympic game but they
;hess 3restling<
;hess wrestling is a sport that began in Amsterdam (Aolland)",he
players who participate in this sport play chess in the ring for )
minutes and wrestle for 2 minutes"
!wimming in the !wamp<
1n this sport the players must wear a snorkel",hey ha-e to swim in a
dirty swamp with frogs"
Aurling of the ;heese<
,his sport began in a town in >ngland",he players ha-e to catch a
cheese that is on a high hill"
;upcakes< A new trend?
by Dainai Gomenou
A cupcake is a small cake designed to ser-e one person which
may be baked in a small thin paper or aluminium cup"
As with larger cakes icing and other cake decorations
such as sprinkles may be applied"
;upcakes were first in-ented in .('6 but
throughout the years it has been and is by now one
of the most famous snacks "
;upcakes can be gi-en to others as an welcome gift
thank you get well soon B":": or lo-e present"
All in all the whole world is really into
cupcakes as it is a sweet and delicious gift for others
or e-en for yourselfH?I
The Anoixi Herald theanoixiheraldBgmail"com
4okes ;orner
by Dainai Gomenou
One blonde says to the other<
73hen 1 win the lottery 1Fll go to the moon"
73hen 1 win the lottery 1Fll go further than that"""1Fll go
to the sun"
And then her friend says<
7Aelloooooo? JouFll burn?
7Aellooooo? 1Fll go in the night?
Aow can you occupy a blonde for hoursK
@i-e her a paper which says on both sides ,C$5 />
OV>$ ???
73hy did .( blondes stand outside the cinemaK
7Because they were waiting for the .*th as the film was
an .*L certificate film???
3eb 5ews
by Dionysis /ylonas
A federal 0udge has dismissed a copyright
infringement lawsuit that an author group brought
against @oogle concluding that books are like 3eb pages
when it comes to indexing them and displaying small
excerpts in search results"
,he @oogle Books pro0ect has indexed millions
of books digitising them without copyright holdersF
permission and the Authors @uild sued o-er the fact"
But C"!" ;ircuit 4udge Denny ;hin in 5ew Jork re0ected
that argument granting on ,hursday @oogleFs motion for
summary 0udgment"
Art 5ews
by Dionysis /ylonas
,he perennial and probably insoluble problem of
Venice is ne-er out of the news for
long< the corruption of its
matchlessly beautiful stone fabric its
battles to keep the swelling waters of
the surrounding lagoon at bay the
diminution of resident population the
increase in gawping littering
tourists the depredations of
ruthless money7grubbers" 3here
should one start to untangle the
dilemmas in-ol-ed and what precisely are the 9uestions
which should be addressedK ,here are no clear practical
,he !tory of B"/"N"
by @iorgos 8rotopapas
B"/"N" (bicycle motocross) began in America in
. '6&" /any kids took their bikes
and went to skating ramps" O-er
the years the sport became -ery
famous and many children all o-er
the world took up B"/"N" 5owadays
B"/"N" holds many competitions and
fun days"
Beyond< ,wo !ouls
by #ostas 8apadopoulos
,hose watching for years the :rench de-eloper Ouantic Dream
know -ery well the potential" Both in P:ahrenheitP (1ndigo
8rophecy)his first bestseller and their next success PAea-y
$ainP they always like to create that bond between the
Ad-entures with the protagonists ",hey con-ey the feeling of li-ing
persons and situations through the eyes of the same actors "
Another main feature that was key to the success of Aea-y $ain
is a real and substantial change of the story depending on your
actions" ,his is achie-ed through dialogue and 9uick7time e-ents
where you ha-e to press buttons in the time re9uested" 1t is
based on the already successful recipe of PBeyond< ,wo !oulsP"
,his is one of the most high7profile exclusi-es of !ony mainly
because of the prehistory of :rench de-elopersand it is worth
noting that !ony Aellas responded to another big date in which
the -ersion that you buy from shops is accompanied by @reek
subtitles "
P1n Aea-y $ainP the script constantly switches from one
character to another always with the right timing of e-ents" ,he
shots are really fast to keep you awake" 1n Beyond< ,wo !ouls
the failureto switch characters is replaced by merciless back and
forth in the life of 4odie" One minute she is a grown woman
the other a little girl and in between a teenager who tries to
find herself and make her re-olution " All these always under
sur-eillance because on the hand you are the sa-ior of the
people and on the other a public 7 risk a double7edged sword
which the go-ernment of the country ends up at inter-als to
treat as a public threat"
,he three other players who work for the go-ernment 5athan
Dawkins ;ole :reeman and $yan ;layton are entwined in the life
of 4odie for separate reasons and moti-ations " ,hey constitute
an important part of life and sometimes bring her into trouble"
1f you had e-en a little to do with Aea-y $ain your first contact
with the Beyond< ,wo !ouls will look -ery familiar" 4odie mo-es with
the left analog stick while the right interacts with the landmarks
that she sees around her and which are represented by a dot"
3hen you press the right analog on them then usually what
follows is a cutscene and sometimes 9uick7time e-ents"1n the
9uick7time e-ents you should use the correct se9uence of
buttons to fight a battle" >-en if you do not succeed at first
most times you are gi-en a second e-en third chance " ,he
game is much more forgi-ing of mistakes and because there are
no alternati-e players it you donFt die so easily " ,o sum up
your acti-ities in some missions include riding as well as action
scenes with free mo-ement of the heroine " $egarding the
latter you can make some stealth attacks( blindness >ither the
!olid !nake from the /etal @ear !olid) e-erything with the touch
of a button" @i-en the target audiences of the game the
difficulty le-el will always be 2ero since all the guards will turn
their backs as if not there "
7 !cript and atmosphere that ties
7 ,he design detail of the characters
7 Action adding some elements so to break the monotony
7 /asterful interpretations ;ast
7 ,he fact that you can remo-e the frustrations you e-ery bully
7 /ost linear scenario compared to Aea-y $ain
7 Very poor planning on the en-ironment
7 ,he gameplay ends up sometimes repetiti-e
@raphics< *"%
!ound< .+
@ameplay< *
$esistance< ("%
a-erageQ *"&=.+
The Anoixi Herald theanoixiheraldBgmail"com
!chool 5ews
;AA,$OO/ ,heatre ,rip
by 1sabella Dimitroulatou7/arouga
On ,hursday 5o-ember (th our school went on a
trip to the Art ,heatre" >-en though the weather was 9uite
cloudy we managed to stay dry on our way there and
,he play we watched was called P;hatroomP" 1tFs
about six teenagers who con-erse online and how each of
them -iew the world and their problems in a uni9ue way" 1t
was -ery interesting mostly because many of our
classmates probably share the same problems and concerns
with the characters"
Cndoubtedly it made most of us think about our
li-es and the way we choose to li-e them? 1t s a play 1
strongly recommend all teenagers to see?
8olytechnio Day
by 1sabella Dimitroulatou7/arouga
On :riday 5o-ember .%th our school celebrated in
remembrance of the students who died fighting for
freedom against the military 0unta on .(=..=.'(&" A
wonderful performance was gi-en by both the students
and teachers who participated in this e-ent by singing
reading poems and helping with the background scene"
!pecifically we would lo-e to thank /iss /anta
/iss 5tasi /r"#arkoglou /r /athos and /r #iria2is for
organising this excellent e-ent"
On a side note we also want to say that the
self7sacrifice of those people will be remembered fore-er"
,hank you"

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