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Rebellious (53) - I dozed with my eyes open the rest of the period
2. Inquisitive (58) - Why would he clean them all at once?
3. Tired (68) - Maybe my blood sugar was low, abut it felt like I was in a bubble, a perfect,
shimmering bubble moving forward with my eyes closed, air soft as cold silk brushing over my
forehead, smoothing back my hair.
4. Fearful (82) - My thoughts drifted to what he must look like in a speedo, but I yanked them
firmly back.
5. Confused (127) - Gracies parents didnt have anything like that to deal with, but their daughter
was falling apart on the bathroom floor.

1. This quote displays a sense of rebelliousness in Hayley, and a complete disinterest in her own
education, while portraying the scene in a whimsical way that dismisses school from the
problem in the scene. This is because the author also tries to focus on Hayleys personal
problems, instead of school related problems.
2. This shows Hayleys worry for her father, and her tendency to not trust anyone or anything. She
clams up about her feelings and then noses around somebody elses business. The author wrote
the bit in this way to spark worry and anxiety into the reader.
3. In this setting, Hayleys tired soul is shown relaxing, so that it can deal with the many hardships
ahead. She is exhausted from both her responsibilities in school and from taking care of her
father, as well as drama from friends. The author wrote this to develop character in a way that
slows down the speed of the text, and gives readers breathing space.
4. Hayleys fear of relationships, more responsibilities, unfaithfulness, and losing someone else in
her life is represented in this mental struggle. She does not know if Finn can be trusted and
locks up her heart. The writer wrote this in a fashion many can relate to, aided with visual
5. Hayley becomes confused when she finds out how troubled Gracie is, even when she does not
have the same problems as herself. The confusion sprouts from Hayley discovering she is not
alone in the world of pain, and that people suffer because of different reasons. The author
writes this inquisitively to give the readers a chance to reflect on their own morals, in the shoes
of Hayley.

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