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Cecilia Mialon
Free The Mojave Dolphins

WHO: Free The Mojave Dolphins organizing WORLDWIDE EMPTY THE TANKS
RALLY along with 52 other locations worldwide including; Hong Kong,
France, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, London and multiple United States
including, California, Texas, Georgia and Maryland.

WHAT: To educate the public on the plight of dolphin captivity

WHERE: Las Vegas, Nevada: THE MIRAGE CASINO in front of the water exhibit with
the dolphin statues at Las Vegas Blvd. entrance.

WHEN: Saturday May 24
, 2014 from 5pm-7pm

The Mirage Las Vegas has a 59% mortality rate in their dolphins since the habitat
opening in 1990.

Scientific Research on dolphins has shown that their intelligence, cognitive thinking,
emotion, strong and complex social traits has proven without a doubt that these marine
mammals suffer in captivity.

For animals that would stay with their families for life, are separated and shipped to other
marine parks regularly.

Dolphins in the wild would travel up to 50 miles day. In captivity, they are confined to a
space in comparison to a bathtub to us.

The mammals are bored from lack of stimulation. The tell tail signs are apparent when
viewing them waiting listless at gates, fighting aggressively with no escape and beaching

Often die very young from stress related illness.

Free The Mojave Dolphins: A grassroots public awareness campaign which started in 2013
with the goal of educating both Las Vegas locals and tourists about the dangers of keeping
cetaceans (dolphins) in captive environments. We have gained traction since the recent
success of the documentary Blackfish which is aired regularly on CNN. The documentary
exposes SeaWorlds lack of safety and regard for their captive Orcas and trainers.