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Kinesiology 403

Spring 2014
Project #2 Free throw percentage by position
Write a MAXIMUM 2-page report (singlespace!" 1# $argins" not including tables or
figures% incorporating an intro!&ction" $etho!s" res&lts" !isc&ssion an! concl&sions'
Fig&res (incl&!ing (ig&re captions% can appear on s&bse)&ent pages'
*ata obtaine! (ro$+ http+,,espn'go'co$,nba,statistics,player,-,stat,(ree
Introduction 5 points
Sports an! anthropo$etrics (bo!y shapes%
/as0etball an! anthropo$etrics
1nthropo$etric 2ariation between positions3
State yo&r research )&estion'
State yo&r hypothesis'
Methods 5 points
Where !i! yo& obtain the !ata3
Who are yo&r s&bjects3
What is the !epen!ent 2ariable3
What statistical proce!&res !i! yo& &se3
What statistics progra$ !i! yo& &se3
What was yo&r le2el o( signi(icance3
Results 25 points
4eport the $ean" S* an! 567 89 (or F.7 (or each position in a table
4eport the 1:;<1 table*
o =&s&ally not reporte! in research papers
Present a bar chart showing $ean > S* (or F.7 o( each position'
o 9n!icate which positions !i((er (ro$ which &sing Sche((e?s con(i!ence
1ll tables an! (ig&res nee! a caption an! nee! to be re(erence! in te@t
Discussion 10 points
*i! yo&r res&lts s&pport yo&r hypothesis3
9nterpret yo&r (in!ings+
o Why $ight it be o0 (or so$e positions to be poor shooters3
o 9( yo& ass&$e centers are taller an! ha2e larger han!s than point g&ar!s"
then how co&l! yo& e@plain the !i((erence in shooting ability3
o *o yo& thin0 the (ree throw a goo! $eas&re o( shooting ability3
Conclusions 5 points
What was the single i$portant (in!ing an!,or i$portance o( yo&r st&!y
F&t&re !irections3
*ther instructions !or the pro"ect #$ pro!essor le!t !or
Project 2
*oes (reethrow percentage !i((er by position in elite
bas0etball players3
1nalysis o( (ree throw percentage (F.7% o( :/1 players with at least 126 $a!e (ree
throws this season'
201314 statistics Fi2e positions in bas0etball
Point g&ar! (1%
Shooting g&ar! (2%
S$all (orwar! (3%
Power (orwar! (4%
8enter (6%
PB+ CD0# CD3#
PF+ CD5# CD11#
8+ CD11# EDC#
1ss&$e taller players ha2e bigger han!s
Fow $ight han! siGe a((ect shooting acc&racy3
*o tall players !o other things besi!es shoot3