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Arkea Star System

Aetherum is the bigger of star system's two suns. It burns bright white.
Aetherium is believed to be embodiment ofeverithing that is celestial and godly.
Aetherium's little cousin Neferium is second sun of Arkea System. It is a
red star and it is believed to be the embodiment of everything evil.
The planet that is closest to Aetherium, elegatio is mostly inhabitable
because of the desert surface and constant sandstorms. It is mostly used as a
prison planet for hardened criminals. !riminals who manage to survive there
have build some sort of underground civili"ation using parts of spacecrafts as
tunnels. #urder and Treason are crimes that are punished by elegatio
$unishment. It hase % moon.
elegatio's only moon is used as a watchtower to keep prisoners from
escaping. !ustodis itself is mostly a police banishment place because no one
believes anyone can escape from elegatio.
'enesis became home of civili"ation after ma(ority of population escaped
from !apulum after the blood summer. It is !overed with all colors of forests and
oceans. It is so big that it houses a population of %)* billion. It is ruled by land
overlords who report to High Council of Coronae. It has + habitable moons.
Amorae is mostly called ,#oon of Sin,. It houses )*,*** !asinos, -*,***
pleasure homes and %,*** .irtual eality centers.
Scutae is used as training ground for Arkea $eacekeeping and
Intergalactic $rotection Agency /A.$.I.$.A0
,The !rown, is home of the 1igh council and uling center of all sentient
species' in Arkea system. !oronae is forbidden to visit unless invited and only
ground in Arkea System that A.$.I.$.A. doesn't have (urisdiction in. It is protected
by !ouncil's own 2lite 'uard.
!ognitae is Arkea System's only high learning academy. It is said that
everyone who wishes to study can find a place on the moon of enlightenment. It
is consisted of many different faculty's and virtual reality laboratories.
!apulum is previous planet that housed ma(ority of Arkean sentient life. It
is a water dominant planet that has a very tropical nature. It is now used by
outlaws and fortune seekers who search for the treasures that their ancestors
left before fleeing to 'enesis.