RELEASE DATE: May 20, 2014

SUBJECT: Five Generals on AllCon!eren"e Tea#$ DeCarlo %layer o! &ear
S'URCE: Jason Ra()*+n, ,ea- Base*all Coa"), .//0000, E1(2 222.
HERKIMER, NY – The Herkimer Generals baseball team, fresh off a Region III Championship, had fie
pla!ers make it to the "#$% Mo&ntain 'alle! (ll)Conferen*e team+ Heading that team ,as sophomore Mi*hael
-eCarlo ./!nantskill, NY0 as the 1la!er of the Year+
-eCarlo *&rrentl! has an &ndefeated re*ord at 2)#+ It has him in the Top $# in the nation in ,ins and
sh&to&ts .%0, appearing in $# games this season for the Generals+ Kno,n as 34ig Mike5, -eCarlo has onl!
allo,ed si6 earned r&ns this season, making his earned r&n aerage $+"# ,hi*h is seenth best in the nation+
(dded to this, -eCarlo has 78 total strike o&ts, aeraging seen per game+
9oining -eCarlo in the infield ,as T!ler 1hillips .Han*o*k, NY0 and 9ohn 4oland .Rhinebe*k, NY0+
1hillips hit a team)leading +%7# in "#$% ,ith t,o home r&ns, "7 R4Is and a +8:; sl&gging per*entage+ The
short stop also has $; do&bles ,hi*h is *&rrentl! ranked si6th in the nation+ (s for 4oland, ,ho ,as also
named Region III To&rnament M'1, the freshman is batting +%#% ,ith a team)high fo&r home r&ns+ 1la!ing
from the *at*her position, 4oland has 77 R4Is and a team)high +:": sl&gging per*entage+
<ophomore (+9+ =abri>io .1alm Cit!, =?0 ,as the lone General to make it in the o&tfield+ Hitting in
the *lean)&p spot all season has gien =abri>io a team)high $" stolen bases and %# R4Is+ =abri>io has one of
t,o ,alkoff hits for the Generals this season, defeating *onferen*e rial Moha,k 'alle! at home ")$ in the
eighth inning of a do&bleheader+ It s*ored 1hillips ,ho is $$
in the nation ,ith %; r&ns s*ored+ =abri>io5s %2
r&ns s*ored has him at $"
in the nation+
The final General to make it ,as Christopher 4&rns III .Endi*ott, NY0+ The sophomore made it as the
designated hitter thanks to a +%$" aerage ,ith 7: total R4Is ,hi*h is se*ond best on the team+ 4&rns III is tied
for the team)lead *&rrentl! ,ith three triples+
Photo: Attached is an action shot of Mike DeCarlo, John Boland and A.J. Fabrizio.

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