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Quiz #1 Review Guide

Period 1
Language and Grammar
• Distinguish between verbs in the passive voice, progressive tense, and linking verbs
(Exercise 44).
• Maintain consistent verb tense within a sentence or paragraph. (Exercises 45-46).
• Combine sentences to improve sentence fluency (Exercise 46).

1. Be able to match the following key people/terms to their descriptions/definitions:
• Humanism
• Tone
• Henry VIII
• Elizabeth I
• Iambic pentameter
• Octave
• Sestet
• Volta
• Synecdoche
• Personification

2. Be able to describe the rhyme scheme of the Italian/Petrarchan sonnet.

3. Be able to explain how the English adaptation of the Italian/Petrarchan sonnet (ie, Sir Philip
Sidney) changes the sonnet’s rhyme and organization.