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November 13, 2009

Announcements Spelling Words

• Progress reports will come home 1. watermelon 16. fireworks
Thursday, November 19, 2009. 2. homemade 17. haircut
• We will be attending the “Sleeping 3. understand 18. loudspeaker
Beauty” play on Wednesday at the high 4. sometimes 19. laptop
school. Please make sure permission forms 5. shoelace 20. flashlight
and the $2 admission fee is returned by 6. highway 21. masterpiece
7. upstairs 22. stomachache
• Remember, we will be taking a spelling
8. thunderstorm 23. cliffhanger
pre-test on Monday; this does not count
for a grade, but if your child makes a 100,
9. shortcut 24. sweatshirt
I will be giving them a new list of words to 10. doorbell 25. afterthought
study. 11. jellyfish Bonus Words
• Thank you to all of our students for doing 12. touchdown 1. Missouri
a wonderful job during our 4-H meeting! 13. campfire 2. Montana
• We are in desperate need of pencils for 14. skateboard
our classroom; please make sure your child 15. anyway
is coming prepared with a pencil to class
every day.

Schedule Reading Vocabulary Words

Monday- Thinklink testing; Music; 1. intention- a thing that you mean to
Spelling Pre-test, play money due do
Tuesday- Computer 2. delicate- he or she is not very
strong and can easily become ill
Wednesday- P.E., play at GHS 3. prim- stiffly formal and proper
4. clasping- to hold firmly and tightly
5. clamber-to climb quickly and
Thursday- Guidance, Progress awkwardly by using the hands and
Reports come home feet.
6. desperation- you will do anything
Friday- Health; Reading test, to change your situation
Spelling test

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