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Week of 11-16-09 to 11-20-09

Monday, 11-16 Tuesday, 11-17 Wednesday, 11- Thursday, 11-19 Friday, 11-20
6th -Finish 2-2 -Homework: Read -Go over 2-2 notes -Explain metric -Go over questions
Vocabulary section 2-2 and take -Homework: Do conversions. about metric
Grade -Homework: Do conversions
Activities notes. Do foldable section 2-2 Study
-Discuss for length, mass, Guide worksheet odd’s on metric -Homework: Do
conversion sheet as even’s on metric
volume, and temp. practice conversion sheet
7th -Do section 5-1 -Do 5-1 Vocabulary -Teach about Power -Set up section 5-1 -Continue doing power
Opener (free write Activities (sentence notes as power notes. Go notes for section 5-1.
Grade -Homework: Pick a (Do Dew Point section
and focus completion and through the first
transparency) Frayer Models) topic and create a blue sub-section as a together. Do Clouds
power chart. Needs 2-3 section in small groups
-Start 5-1 -Discuss class for power
power 2’s and 2-3 as practice)
Vocabulary power 3’s for each notes
power 2.
8th -Take section 10-2 -Do 10-3 Vocabulary -Homework: Read -Go over 10-3 Notes -Do Flow chart for
Vocabulary Quiz Activities (Frayer section 10-3 and take -Homework: Do Mesozoic and
Grade -Do 10-3 Opener Models and sentence notes. Pay attention section 10-3 Study Cenozoic Eras on
(free write and focus completions) to what to add to flow Guide Inspiration
-Discuss chart
-Start 10-3
-Assign Blog question
for the week
Health -Finish Web Quest -Discuss answers to -Hand in review -Go over review -Take SIM Test
-Pass out SIM test Web Quest on worksheet worksheet *Last day of Health for
(7th) 7th Grade, 8th Grade
review worksheet HIV/AIDS -Do review activity -Homework:
Starts Monday
Review for SIM test
Biology -Finish Tootsie-Roll -Homework: Do -Turn in review -Go over review -Take Chapter 6
Pop protein lab chapter 6 Review worksheet worksheet Test
(fold class protein Worksheet -Do review overheads -Play review game
and finish -Homework:
questions) Review for chapter 6
Advanc Weekly Blog -Finish Muscle and -Homework: Review -Take muscle and -Turn in review
Question Nervous Tissue lab for lab quiz on nervous tissue lab worksheet
ed quiz
-Work on Muscle -Review for lab quiz Thursday -Do review
Biology and Nervous -Homework: Do overheads
Tissue lab chapter 3 review

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