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Section: Key Handouts Session 2
Key Shortcuts for Excel that You Must Practice:
1. Select Column: Ctrl +Space
2. Select Row : Shift +Space
3. Add a Row/Column: [Shift/ Ctrl +Space] +Ctrl +Shift +“+”
4. Delete a Row/ Column: [Shift/ Ctrl +Space] +Ctrl +“-“
5. Open the Format Menu: Ctrl +1 (You can further surf inside it by using the Tab or Ctrl+Tab)
6. To Use 1,000 separator : Ctrl +1 (Select Number, Tick on “Use 1,000 Separator (,)
7. Align Left: Alt +h +al
8. Align Right: Alt+h+ar
9. Align Centre: Alt+h+ac
10. Cut the Cell Content: Ctrl+x
11. Right Click: Press a button between Alt and Ctrl on right hand side
12. Paste Special: Ctrl +c [Copy] +Right Click +i
13. Divide All by a number: Copy+Right Click+paste Special+i
14. Multiply All by a number: Copy+Right Click+paste Special+m
15. Surfing across numbers/ Cells: Ctrl +Arrow Keys
16. Percentage: Ctrl+Shift +5
17. Insert a new worksheet: Shift +F11
18. New Workbook: Ctrl+n
19. Next Worksheet: Ctrl+Page Down
20. Previous Worksheet: Ctrl+Page Up
21. To Know the short Cuts: Press Alt and whole set of shortcuts will appear
22. Freeze Rows and Columns: Alt +w [Go to View] +“F” +“F”
23. Un-Freeze Rows and Columns: Alt +w [Go to View] +“F” +“F”
24. Splitting the Window Alt +w +s
25. Top of the Page: Ctrl +Home
26. End of the Page: Ctrl+End
27. Select All: Ctrl +a
28. Search within Worksheet: Ctrl +f
29. Save: Ctrl +s
30. Print: Ctrl +p
31. Copy Right/ Down Ctrl +r/d
32. Editing the Formula: F2
33. Cell selection in Editing: F2 followed by F2
34. Freezing cell reference
a. Freezing Row & Column: F2+F4 (or just F4 while entering the formula)
b. Freezing just Row: F4+F4
c. Freezing just Column: F4+F4+F4
35. Un Do: Ctrl +Z
36. Re Do: Ctrl +Y

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