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Planned Cycles

Identify a general or initial idea

Introducing a community TimeBank whilst linking an
existing internet barter group to proposed new group.

Reconnaissance or fact finding

Contact existing TimeBanks and LETS (Local Exchange
Trading Systems) groups. Research literature.

Meetings with TimeBanks organisation. Forming part of
steering group. Begin planning of implementation

Take first action step

Incorporate existing members of barter group into
TimeBanks group.

Did this work well? How many members
do we have? How can I improve this?

Amend plan
Discuss with steering group planned changes
and ideas for improvements.

Take second action step

Implement agreed changes. What worked and what did not
work? How many members do we have now?

Repeat steps
Repeat steps 1 & 2 to narrow down areas that
worked well and omit areas that did not work well.

Diagram 001 SID 0715159 after Carr & Kemmis (2009)